Linens for chiropractic table headrest

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Linens for chiropractic table headrest
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Do you ever cringe when you go for an adjustment, knowing that you're about to feel suffocated by the paper headrest and dreading the grease mark your skin leaves behind? Not anymore! Use EcoChiro cloth headrest covers instead! Each cover is made by hand in Canada - nothing mass produced, no unnecessary waste. Making the switch from paper to fabric saves waste and water, since creating and washing fabrics uses less resources than making and disposing of paper, which in turn saves huge amounts of paper waste. We also use end of roll fabrics that may otherwise be thrown out. One easy swap, so many great benefits. By washing these linens, you can reuse them for years to come. Make the ecofriendly choice to switch to linens and ease your footprint, one adjustment at a time!

I have been using fabric instead of paper on the headrests at my office for 10+ years, so I decided to start a company that manufactures those ecofriendly linens. Check our website and Facebook page out and contact us if you have any questions!

Dr Liz