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Very easy to use and effective office or home/patient use of a PDAC approved galvanic stimulator. Can be used for back with basic electrodes or butterfly electrodes for fifteen minute or up to eight hours of use.
Approved for pain reduction, muscle re-education, edema management, tissue healing.

I have all educational materials for you use and can discuss on phone as per need.
This is a direct current unit, not like typical inexpensive TENS type unit that is indirect current.

Easy to use in office protocol or sell to patients.
ReviStim Technology
High Volt Pulse Galvanic Stimulation (HVPG) or HVPC has over a 50 year track record with 118 published studies. This DC current is a mono-phasic twin peak waveform allowing for deep tissue penetration and has been proven effective and safe in the treatment of chronic wounds.
Features & Benefits
Why the ReviStim? The ReviStim is a DC Stimulator where this pulse direct current goes deeply into the tissue bed to promote increase microcirculation, reduction of edema, which in turn promotes healing. The ReviStim will help relieve pain while reducing muscle spasms and increasing range of motion, the ReviStim dosages the stimulation in the micro-amperage range. This critically important to have a biological effect rather than just masking the pain, because body operates on DC signaling. Origins for this DC Stimulation goes back 50 years where it was invented for healing chronic wounds and stimulation was delivered via very large devices. Now you can use it your practice or have your patients take it home!
HVPG / pulsed DC Stimulation
Rapid ramp speed at 4 microseconds for deep tissue penetration
Helps relieve muscle spasms

Promotes Micro Blood circulation to relieve pain at the origin
Reduces edema and inflammation
Promotes healing
Dosage in Micro amps or a millionth of ampere
Offers a nocturnal treatment program

Pulsed AC Stimulation
Slow ramp speed of 40 micro seconds for shallow penetration
Blocks the pain signal from the brain acting as an antagonist to nerves
Dosage in Milliamps or thousands of an ampere

Sold online for $149.95
I have up to 100 Revistim units for sale.