Neuroinfiniti Neurological Assessment Tool For Sale

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The Neuroinfiniti is an amazing system to test the function of the brain and nervous system. It is particularly good at measuring how well your patients are responding to stress. It measures EEG, EMG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Breathing Rate, Hand Temperature and Skin Conductance. In addition to the neurological assessments the system also has the capability of doing neurofeeback and biofeeback. If you focus on the nervous system in practice this is a great tool.

The downside of the Neuroinfiniti in my opinion is that the assessment takes 15-20min. The data that is produces is amazing its just a little time consuming. If you have a staff member who can run the scans that is really the way to go. I run a fairly small practice and I'm getting rid of the system because I don't have any staff to run the scans. I would likely look into getting another unit once my practice is busier.

Here's what's included: The Neuroinfiniti unit with all the sensors and leads, a laptop with the software installed, a chair that works really well for the scans (see the pictures), and some extra supplies that are used in the scanning process.

These units sell for $18,000 new. I'm asking for $10,000 and I'll take care of the shipping. I've had this unit for 3 years but I haven't really used it a ton. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me. I would like to see the unit go to a good home.


-Dr. Jesse Morris