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I have an in excellent condition and barely used Insight Subluxation Station for version 8.1.38 is 1 software update behind the latest version. This version is from 2014. It includes all wired equipment and consists of the sEMG, Thermography and the HRV. I also upgraded the probes on the EMG to gold for better contact and longer lasting.Everything is set, good and ready to be used to start making you some great money.I am selling it because we just don't use it. Haven't used it for many years. just been sitting in a box in our office. My practice is not structure based, therefore we don't need this subluxation station system. This will be an amazing addition to a chiropractic practice if you are looking to grow and put people on more of an objective assesment treatment and diagnostic plan with validation during the program. GREAT for referrals and patient compliance for treatment programs.I also have all the necessary videos / training tools needed to teach you how to use it and get started. it is not very difficult!CLA will transfer ownership, software upgrade and 1 year of support for about $1500 if you would like. However it isn't necessary and you may choose to wait until you need it at some point. Or i can upgrade the system for $795 if you would like and put you on as my associate as a gold member.Also included is the laptop with all the necessary software added.

CLA also provides something called a CORE score that scores your patients values with their overall health. I believe this is included for 1 year if you transfer ownership over. It is well worth it for scoring your patients health and is easy for them to follow, plus they get emailed copies of their score results to share.I paid $15k for this entire set up and am willing to let it go for a firm $5500.

Please call or email me if you have any questions or would like to come by and see it.