Become THE On-Site Corporate Chiropractor For Your Community Learn How We Built Our Corporate Practice Inside 20 Different Companies * NEW LOCATIONS AVAILABLE *

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On-Site Corporate Chiropractic Training
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Become THE On-Site Corporate Chiropractor For Your Community

Learn How We Built Our Corporate Practice Inside 20 Different Companies

On-site corporate Chiropractic is a unique system of practice that is changing the delivery of healthcare by bringing Chiropractic care to the patient where they work. It allows Doctors to build a practice with minimal investment, low overhead, low stress, and in a portable cash-based wellness model. It allows patients the opportunity to get the care they need and want without having to worry about how to fit it in their already overloaded schedules. The convenience and affordability of care is a win-win for the Doctor and patients. The possibilities are endless.

Drs. Don and Lisa Conant developed the program over the last 18 years and are the founders of Corporate Chiropractic Works - an on-site corporate Chiropractic practice and workplace consulting company located in New England, USA.


MISSION focused & to HELP more people
Opportunity to EDUCATE the public about health and Chiropractic
Create a culture of CONVENIENCE
AFFORDABILITY of care and low overhead
Culture shift toward WELL-BEING
Help to improve COMPANY MORALE
PERFECT FIT for life's busy schedules
Popularity of WELLNESS programs
Companies WANT YOU to help them
Have less stress & MUCH MORE FUN in practice
Different personalities of companies ADDS VARIETY to your practice
Add 10, 15, 25+ new patients at a time
Practice GROWS organically as word spreads in the company
Less or NO need for staff

Educate and have access to more patients
Simplify and have a cash-based practice
Add corporate care to your existing ​practice
Decrease Overhead
Increase Profit

Become THE on-site corporate Chiropractor for your community.

Quick-start agenda gets you on-site into companies as soon as possible.

Step-by-step guide includes all practice forms, scripts, letters, and PowerPoint presentations we use in companies.

With our help you will be able to replicate the corporate on-site system from day one.

Our unique consulting system accelerates your success. One-on-one personalized telephone consultations, email and phone support.

Unlimited access - You have our cell numbers for help along the way. Call or email anytime - we are committed to your success.

We have been family Chiropractors for the last 18 years, and for the last 5 we’ve been perfecting a very cool and unique practice model where we go into companies and adjust our patients in their workplace.

This has been so great for us personally, professionally, and we know that if it works this well for us here in New England, that it’ll also work well for you. Chiropractors we train are making a great impact on their communities and helping patients who benefit from a convenient and affordable adjustment schedule.

Doctors call us all the time asking about “how to get into companies” and “how to do it”, “what are we doing to make this our primary practice” so we wanted to share some of our methods and secrets we’ve learned over the years and especially regarding the marketing. Many doctors are stressed-out & concerned about how to fill their practice with new patients and how to educate them so they stay around long enough to experience the awesome benefits of regular Chiropractic care. New graduates are starting out with so much loan debt and stress and excitement and the idea of going into more debt to start a practice from scratch can add a lot of pressure for sure.

We have such a HUGE opportunity in our profession to go out and educate people and help as many as we can to be healthier for their whole lifetimes. Going into companies allows us this opportunity to help SO MANY MORE people – there are companies of people EVERYWHERE that are looking for exactly what we do. You can really be as busy as you want to be and grow your practice as big as you can imagine, and have a lot of fun being a Chiropractor. You should also be rewarded appropriately and have the freedom to enjoy and have a life outside of practice too.

If you are a doctor looking to help more people, or maybe you have an associate you want to get busier helping more patients, perhaps you are a student or new grad who would love to start your own low overhead, low stress, super fun practice - Give us a call when the time is right. We would love to help you get started.

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