Collagentex Medical RX-1 - Cold Laser Therapy Device

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The latest in cold laser therapy - Scattered, NIR - Largest Coverage Area - 10 Peak wavelengths
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MSRP $29,995
(Showroom model-limited quantity)
Collagentex RX1- Scattered, NIR, LLLT cold laser (Floor Model)
• NIR Laser Power: 500 Watts, uniformly scattered
• NIR Energy Intensity: 52,000 mJoules/cm2
• Multi Wavelengths: 10 peaks between 600nm & 1200nm
• Exposure Area: 178 square inches — largest ever
• Penetration Depth: Deepest penetration - 3+ inches with longer wavelengths
• Short Treatment Time: 10 to 20 minutes
• Non-Contact: No hand piece disinfection time
• Hands-Free Operation: Can be self-administered
• FDA Classification: 510k - NHN cold laser for soft tissue

We understand the challenges you are facing and sure that increasing your patients’ results is on the top of your list.
• Regenerative therapy
• Sports medicine therapy
• Stem cell adjunct therapy
• Back pain therapy
• Wound care
• Achilles heel tendinopathy
• Golfers elbow, tendonitis
• Carpal tunnel pain
• Micro ruptured ligaments
• Rheumatoid arthritis pain
• Plantar fasciitis pain
• Degenerative joint disease
• Neuropathic pain
• Inflammation, lymphoedema
• Soft tissue disorders
• Orthopedic post operation

Comes with two year factory warranty & product guarantee
6 months-no payment with approved financing (pay off any time with no penalty)
Insurance Reimbursed* depends on state

We can ship anywhere in U.S., Canada or Europe

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