Spinal Analysis Machine (SAM)

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Contact Robert Ebeling DC
$500, Englewood, Colorado, USA
1 new patient pays for the machine!
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I've got a spinal analysis machine that I no longer use. It's a nice model with solar powered scales and chrome hardware.

It also has the option of raising the person on one side or the other with a foot lever to to balance out the weights so they can feel the difference. Once the person is stabilized and the scales lock in the weight recorded, they can look down and see the difference without altering the weight digital read out.

Comes with a canvas carrying bag for easy transport. All the chrome pieces have canvas bags that cover them during transport so they don't get dinged up. I would use a hand dolly to transport the SAM base and carry the canvas bag on my shoulder with the strap provided.

I'm not doing spinal screenings anymore but it sure has generated a lot of new patients over the years. This would be a cheap way for a new doc to get into marketing face to face with the general public which is way better than those Facebook ads that don't work and are a waste of money.

If you're in Colorado and want to come by and check it out drop me a line. It's probably easier for local pick up than shipping the unit.