Take a break and relax with complete security that your practice is still producing and in experienced hands.

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Dutchess, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Earn while you goof off. Relax by the pool while your practice is full steam ahead.
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Need a day Off? Need a week off? Do you want to jet off to Europe for a total break from routine? Or just head to your kids' school for parents' day?
For a real vacation with total peace of mind and a secure practice, call me.
I am a full-time covering chiropractor with over three years of covering experience in lots of different (and I mean DIFFERENT) offices all over southern NY and even up past Albany.
I can give you that much-deserved vacation, free of worry about the practice back home.
Patient comfort -- Since you have your own unique way of practicing we'll meet by phone or in person so you can brief me on your ways and what patients expect. I'll do my best to fulfill expectations -- yours and the patients -- for a smooth temporary transition and patient psychological comfort. No one can exactly duplicate you but my table-side manner has been relaxing patients for over 41 years.
I have become adept at adapting to doctors'/offices' procedures complete with patient acceptance. Quite a few have asked me back multiple times. The patients are always the best part. I get to offer them high-quality coverage so you can be comfortable relaxing on that beach or mountain aerie. (One DC took his wife to Italy; and other her daughter to Israel. What adventures await you?)
I adjust mostly Diversified, use motion palpation to measure and assess, and have a good handle on Gonstead (I met Dr. G back in my student days.) I "sneak up" on adjustments (you and I call it the paraphysiologic zone) for minimal movement, minimal impulse force, and often no noise. Silent adjustments. Confirmed by post-palpation. Patients respond from favorably to loving it.
I have the whole NP intake and exam tests in my head (who doesn't?) and would merely have to get used to your record forms for both new and regular visits. Computer records? Just write me the step-by-step procedure and I'll get it down in about 4 patients.
Respect? Caring? Gentle adjustments? Yes, Yes, Yes.
Give me a ring-ding. I live in southern NY State, easily available all over the Hudson Valley and into NY City. I can and will cover anywhere in New York State.
My calendar fills some time ahead, so set your plans. Add me to them. You get to go away while your practice is still producing.