Chiropractic Marketing Assistants Hiring Handbook

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How to Hire, Motivate & Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants Manual
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Now You’re Going to Be In Control of Your Practice Marketing and Marketers
There is one common denominator to any significant or monumental expansion: delegation. And, while it is easy to delegate the technical actions you do, a nd even some of the administrative ones, marketing is an altogether different story and requires specific and detailed handling, with extreme care. Even compliance is an issue.

This manual will help you with it all, good, bad and otherwise and put you in control. Finally, the answers you have been looking for.

The War Between Practice Owners and Marketers is OVER!
Wars and arguments over bonus structure or the definition of “qualified” leads and appointments are SO 10 years ago. With my definitive system, you will learn:

How to hire marketers and what qualities to seek
Ways safely delegate and motivate marketers
How to keep compliant in your marketing and stay out of hot water
Why practice marketers never seem to work out
How to turn the tables and have the advantage while keeping marketers happy
How to have amazing practice marketing without breaking the bank!
The war is over. It’s time you got the skinny on how to cash in!