Corporate Patient Recruiting: 10 Things You MUST Know

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Here are the steps and hacks to getting all the corporate new patients you want.
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This pivotal 60-min training webinar entails all the details about and 10 rules I hold as a standard, to this day, on the front lines at screenings.

Just follow these 10 simple rules and get patients to schedule and instill 3 qualities in them that will catapult them up the ladder to lifetime, referring patient status. This is a webinar you can’t miss not can you turn down for the price!

You won’t believe the game changer that these can be!

What Are the 10 Rules?
Join us for this webinar-on-demand and you and your staff will learn:

6 Things All Corporate People Think About Wellness
3 Go-To Methods of Handling Symptom Minimization
THE Way You Can Close, If They Are Already Under Care
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