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At 96% off you get my $2500 Screening Coaching Program for $100
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Now You Can Find Out My Entire Program in One Session at 1/25 of the Price! Call me insane but call yourself fortunate. You’re about to find out my secrets and signature moves and motivations for getting screening results in one session!

We do intensive, multi-week training on this material but now we are opening it up to everyone to find out what all the secrecy has been about, and how the entire program works. That’s right, you’re going to learn the start-to-finish of the method in one session.

There are many aspects to my system but mostly it is unscripted and not based on you. It’s based on the thousands of people I have screened over two decades.


The True Screening Process
What Motivates People to Take Action About their Health
What State of Mind They Need to Be in to Take Action With You
How You Can Get Them to Schedule
How to Get Scheduled Prospects to Show, Know Why They’re Coming and Be Totally Interested
These are my secrets I only teach in the orientation of my True Screening Process Module Priced at $2500
You get your introduction to the entire process for $100!

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