The Ultimate Rogue Screenings Masterclass

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Going rogue and screening, booking and converting EVERYONE!
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As the Rogue Screener, I not only went rogue on medicine, I told the world about Chiropractic and started a journey in the early 90's to advocate the profession. My forte? Screenings, talks, referrals.

I went ROGUE on traditional scripting and methods and spoke with thousands over the next 2 decades and screened and booked thousands to take their next step. I discovered True Screening Process included a mindset shift that must happen with anyone, even those from advertising, and especially if your front desk is fielding the call, text or opt-in.

You and your staff will learn how to go rogue, like me. This transformational, introductory training will give you what you need to get to the next level! $500 Value. Book now and receive a list of class dates and times. If you cannot attend at any preset time, you may book a private session for an additional $49. Just select "private session" off the menu.

Replay-OnDemand available for an additional fee.