Full-Time Tenure Track Radiology Faculty

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Portland, Oregon, USA
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POSITION: Full-time radiology faculty, tenure track
DEPARTMENT:Clinical Sciences
REPORTS TO: Dean, Chiropractic Program
SCHEDULE: 12-months; varies term-to-term
CLASSIFICATION: Exempt “ bargaining unit

This full-time, tenure track position primarily involves lecture and/or laboratory instruction in clinical application of diagnostic imaging modalities and interpretation. The radiology faculty member prepares students to:
¢ recognize normal and abnormal radiographic anatomy,
¢ formulate a diagnosis/es supported history, examination, and other appropriate diagnostic finding,
¢ apply best practice and utilize evidence informed strategies in the justification and acquisition of diagnostic imaging on conditions encountered in practice,
¢ develop a radiographic findings report,
¢ utilize radiographic diagnostic studies and recognize the need for consultations and referrals when appropriate.
¢ identify appropriate case management strategies, and
¢ achieve course and program learning outcomes, in addition to accreditation competencies.
Such instruction introduces and develops the knowledge, skill, critical thinking and professionalism necessary for graduating students to function as an evidence-informed doctor of chiropractic.

¢ Prepare and deliver lecture/lab courses using appropriate presentation methodologies and classroom aids.
¢ Utilize the universitys learning and assessment management systems to augment and support student learning in assigned teaching areas.
¢ Write course-level student learning outcomes in alignment with program outcomes and accreditation standards.
¢ Develop and implement valid and appropriate assessment strategies to demonstrate student learning of course outcomes, goals and competencies.
¢ Create and/or compile course materials such as assigned textbooks, notes, lab guides, online resources and/or bibliographies of specialized materials for reading and writing assignments.
¢ Stimulate class discussions and student participation in learning activities.
¢ Serve as instructor of record and as a guest lecturer when assigned.
¢ Participate in department meetings, Faculty Senate, and other college and university forums convened to discuss university interests.
¢ Serve on faculty and/or administrative committees as assigned.
¢ Participate in the development, revision and instructional utilization of CSPE (clinical standards, protocols and education) pathways and protocols, where appropriate.
¢ Participate in the development, review and revision of CSA (clinical skills assessment) examination materials and assist in CSA exam administration as assigned.
¢ Audit courses, as assigned in the college of chiropractic to ensure integrated and cohesive instruction throughout the program.
¢ Remain current in field of specialization and attend professional meetings.
¢ Engage in professional development related to health science education and scholarship of teaching.
¢ Engage in research and/or scholarly activities associated with areas of interest and expertise.
¢ Produce externally peer reviewed scholarly contributions.
¢ Maintain adequate availability to students and others through office hours or other mechanisms each week.
¢ Adhere to university policies and managerial assignments or directives.
¢ Adhere to all federal HIPAA and FERPA requirements, plus those standards established by UWS, for protecting the security and privacy of patient health data and student records.
¢ Adhere to all state & federal OSHA regulations.
¢ Demonstrate appropriate ethical, communication, appearance and behavior attributes, consistent with being a professional and a member of the faculty.
¢ Additional laboratory or classroom instruction to meet the needs of the university.
¢ Other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform job):
¢ Prior teaching experience preferred
¢ Expertise in evidence-informed practice skills preferred

¢ Have sufficient stamina to provide lecture and/or lab instruction with brief breaks over a 1 to 4-hour period.
¢ Have sufficient mobility to move among students engaged in various types of lab activities.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS (Education, Training, and Experience):
¢ Graduate of a CCE-accredited Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program.
¢ Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology (DACBR) certification.
¢ Maintain an active license to practice as a chiropractic physician in the state of Oregon (or acquire such licensure shortly after hire).
¢ Minimum of five years of practice experience preferred.
¢ Prior teaching experience preferred.

Screening of applicants will begin immediately and the position will remain open until filled. Please submit a letter of application, a curriculum vitae and names and contact information of three references. Official transcripts from prior institutions of higher learning must be received prior to offer being extended to the finalist.

University of Western States conducts background checks for the finalist or finalists of staff and faculty positions. The type of background check will vary by position type.

University of Western States is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply, please visit our website and click the big orange button: https://www.uws.edu/about/employment/

You may attach your materials as Word or PDF documents.