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At CCEDSEMINARS you have a choice. We have online chiropractic CE courses available 24/7,live webinars, and onsite seminars! Imagine, now you can take CE classes at home, at the office, or on the go. Our online CE classes are compatible with your smart device, Mac, and PC! Online Chiropractic Continuing Education now accounts for more than half of the CE hours obtained by chiropractors and is growing. More than 40 states currently accept some or all of the required continuing education hours to be obtained online. Online chiropractic continuing education provides high quality interactive courses for less cost than an onsite seminar. There is no travel or lost time from your family or practice.

Chiropractic online continuing education courses have come a long way. Gone are the days of reading pages of material and waiting to answer a question before moving to the next page. Our programs use engaging slides, video, and handouts. You simply sit back and enjoy the presentation. You may even start one of our online seminars, log out and log back in to complete it at YOUR convenience! When the presentation is completed you may print your certificate of completion directly from the website, and, you always have access to your transcripts. We will be deploying online courses in all available states and will launch 10-15 additional hours monthly, ongoing. We are always adding new faculty. Our new instructors will be the best of the best from the chiropractic profession! Please see our faculty page. We look forward to serving YOU!

If you have never taken an online course, we suggest starting with our free 1 hour program in Case Studies of the Upper Extremities. By taking this course you will obtain a true sample of just how easy it is to take one of our courses.*