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Level 1 Diagnostics is looking to work with progressive minded chiropractic clinics nationwide regarding our ethical life saving, insurance based revenue Partnership opportunity with No Out of Pocket Costs.

Request additional legal info of the Level 1 program and how no Stark laws are violated when a physician group partners with Level 1 Diagnostics.

We would like to discuss with you but we need to 1st ask this question. What this means is that when someone comes to a clinic for varicosities this does not mean that every patient needs to have duplex scans. They also do not have to be sent for an angiogram.

We would like to discuss how our program can help save the lives of your clients in concert with the suite of high quality services your facility currently offers.

We offer non-invasive tests that help you make better treatment decisions, and give us an understanding of the patients relationship between their varicosities and Peripheral Vascular Disease your client may not be aware of.

Tim Russert and James Gandolfini are 2 examples of individuals diagnosed with Sudden Cardiac Arrest. They could possibly still would be alive had they used our testing program.

These tests are done right along with vein mapping, take 15 minutes, and are insurance reimbursable. They help the doctor make a better informed decision on the course of care.

This state-of-the-art, non-invasive testing is not (yet) done in a pre-op physical.

There is no out-of-pocket cost to your office. We only collect when you collect.

Contact to receive our monograph on PVD and info we would like to share about our testing program with your team.

The questions that need to be answered before our call are:

Do you want to do the absolute best for your patient?
Do you want to do it ethically with the patients best interest in mind?
Would you like to add an insurance based revenue stream with no out of pocket cost to you?
Would you like to associate yourself with the best thought leaders in the preventive cardiovascular space?
Would you like it to be known that you are on the cutting edge of best medical practices?

Here is my bottom line:

Ask yourself this:

quot Do I, at any point in time, check the blood pressure on my patientquot ?

If the answer is yes you belong in our program.
If the answer is quot no, but now that you mention it I really shouldquot then you belong in our program.

If the answer is quot no reason toquot or quot that's not my jobquot then our paradigm shift is not for you.

Please let me know the best time to contact you and your doctors to briefly speak to us regarding our program.

R. Beasley
Level 1 Diagnostics
Marketing Consultant
Columbia, MD
[email protected]