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Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine, Printers, Personalized Forms and my time to learn the business as your own. Earn $3200 to $12,000 per month extra income by yourself, in your office, seeing only the patients you now already see.
Text me your best time to receive a call (during Lunch or evening) to answer your questions about how this business may work for you. This is a ONE-TIME ONLY offer. The first DC to buy this Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment package gets it, then the opportunity is gone. I earned over $144,000 in one year doing this. I will teach you exactly how to produce consistent quality images, schedule patients, write radiology reports, report results to patients, bill legally and ethically and get paid. I will fly to your community and spend 4 days with you and your staff preparing you to be able to continue this Diagnostic Ultrasound business seamlessly after I am gone. I will be available by phone with any questions for up to a year. Includes Diagnostic Ultrasound machine, 2 Sony printers, (1) 5 MHz transducer sound head, (1) 7.5 MHz transducer sound head. Focus of Imaging training will be on the posterior elements and soft tissue of the spine, as well as the knee, shoulder, and other areas of soft tissue as your practice has interest. Forms included that I will personalize for you there and print out originals as well as leave you Microsoft Word copies electronically for future use include: Medical Necessity, Informed Consent, Radiological Reports, Scheduling Script and Protocol, etc.
Fee only $12,000. You pay $8,000 before I fly out, via Paypal. I bring all the equipment with me. You pay 10% of gross collections up to 1 year or until the balance of $4,000 is paid in full.
Brad 801-850-4531. Please text best time for me to call you. Pics of equipment available upon request.