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Just letting people know do NOT apply for a job with a chiropractic clinic operating in Bandung Indonesia, they claim they want the very best but don't make the salary clear, they are picky like a dogs arse and ask questions that are of no concern to them and treat their applicant like they are kindergarten kids just out of school. You cannot earn good money in Indonesia when the average worker earns USAD$3.00 per day! They call themselves unlimited health, I applied and he asks stupid questions like 'why do you feel you should be given the opportunity to work in Indonesia? it is little wonder they cant recruit chiro's and chiro's beware you wont earn good $$ in a 3rd world nation. There reputation is not that good either, so as a chiro research the company you are going to work and check the attitude of the person you intend to work for!
Don't say you weren't told, a company that constantly advertises for chiropractors all year round clearly has issues in retaining their staff for what ever negative reasons of their own.