Jobs and Practices Push Classified Ad Activity

Sometimes things don’t get used as you thought they would. Something truly interesting about the chiropractic classifieds on Planet Chiropractic has been the number of jobs posted during the past year. While the position of chiropractor or chiropractic associate is a common one, jobs for medical doctors, chiropractic assistants, xray technicians, school faculty, online marketing managers, inhouse local search marketers, massage therapists, and others have been appearing in ads more frequently these past 365ish days. Pretty awesome to think people are getting hired from ads their finding on the site. Not that jobs are the only category, we received a happy email today from an office that sold all their x-ray equipment, which made several parties happy.

More Chiropractors Discovering Jobs Via Online Ad Systems

Not too many years ago, the search for employment as a chiropractor typically required contacting local chiropractic colleges for job postings, checking quarterly industry related health journals for back page advertisements, and scanning through classified ads of print publications and magazines geared toward the profession of chiropractic. Like so many other disruptive methodologies that have changed the way we do things, platforms that provide niche classified advertising in a centralized location are changing the ways we seek employment, products and services.

Chiropractic Jobs and Other Classifieds Now Available Via RSS

Thanks to advances in Internet technology such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), web content that in the past may have only been available in one location, can now be distributed through a potentially unlimited number of channels, offering much greater access to the source information. For example, a current news article written about whales in San Francisco, could potentially appear in minutes across thousands of web sites thanks to the technology behind RSS.

How to Publish a Chiropractic Associates Announcement

I received an e-mail this morning from a chiropractor that recently graduated chiropractic school and they wanted to know how to post an announcement that they were available for hire. While hundreds of chiropractors and chiropractic associates have posted “chiropractors available” and “chiropractors wanted” to the classifieds, it had not occurred to me that not everyone may know how to go about doing so. This post is intended to help new chiropractors (and those seeking employment) post announcements for chiropractic jobs wanted.