2012 Super Bowl 46 – Superbowl XLVI Schedule and Guide

What time does the Super Bowl start? That’s a question patients in my office have been asking all week. Super Bowl XLVI (#SB46) kickoff starts at 6:20 PM Eastern time in Indianapolis, Indiana. In the US, the Superbowl will be televised on NBC. Also, the Super Bowl will be broadcast online and to mobile phones for the first time this year. As we’ve traditionally done on Planet Chiropractic, I’ve put together a handy game day guide for Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, 2012.

Dennys Free Grand Slam Superbowl Ad Fail

Nearly a billion people tuned in to watch Superbowl 43 (XLIII) broadcast live today on NBC television. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl by a score of 27 to 23 over the Arizona Cardinals but who won and who lost in the world of Super Bowl advertising? With Super Bowl commercials costing companies between $2.4 million and $3 million per 30-second commercial advertising spot, it’s almost unthinkable to me that a company would not plan ahead with a Web strategy to handle the ginormous flood of visitors to their website receives seconds after the commercial has been aired. Superbowl 44 (XLIV) advertisers take note.

2009 Super Bowl 43 – Superbowl Schedule and Guide

Super Bowl 43 (XLIII) kickoff is tomorrow in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be taking on the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL championship game which is likely to be the most watched televised broadcast of the year. With a global audience of One Billion and TV broadcasts upwards of 230 countries and territories across the planet (in 34 different languages), one could say the Super Bowl has Super Reach. That’s no secret to anyone, especially advertisers, who are spending between $2.4 million and $3 million per 30-second commercial spot. I’ve put together a guide featuring 7 frequently search topics related to Super Bowl XLIII. Hope you find it useful.

Bacon Explosion Top 2009 Superbowl Recipe

An estimated 7.5 million parties take place on Super Bowl Sunday with some 44 million party-goers. If you’re going to be home or entertaining for Superbowl XLIII it’s time to plan your big game recipes. You don’t want to be focusing on what you’re going to eat when the Bruce Springsteen halftime show begins. This year, the 2009 Superbowl recipe to top all superbowl recipes includes bacon, lots and lots of bacon. If you ask me, no real Superbowl party should be without it.

NFL Super Bowl Football Game New Archives

I was watching the Pro Bowl today and a comment by one of the announcers reminded me to search Planet Chiropractic for a football related article I wrote a few years ago. In the process of searching news archives, I came across numerous Super Bowl related articles I’ve posted during the past six years or so, and I’ve organized the list of almost everything I found into a single post. The information may or may not be helpful to you, but at least I’ll have a reference for Super Bowl XLVIII.

2012 Super Bowl Commercials Raise Eyebrows

Racy advertisements on Game Day have been raising eyebrows long before GoDaddy Girl Candice Michelle (wife of a chiropractor) was featured in a 2005 wardrobe malfunction Super Bowl Ad, but thanks to the Internet, people can (and do) tweet real-time, their distaste for brands and advertisements using such tactics in marketing. The GoDaddy commercials today tend to attract a lot of negativity, and also a lot of buzz, but what about the others?