Photos Increase Classified Ad Views

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Did you know that photographs placed in classified advertising posts results in far greater views of those posts? Imagine shopping for a preowned car on a classified ad site, and not getting to see any photos, those advertisements don’t get much action. The same goes for major auction sites. I can’t even recall the last time I visited an auction site that didn’t include at least one photograph related to the item being sold.

The same rule applies for chiropractic classified ads, if you include photographs, you’re going to increase significantly the amount of viewers looking at what you are selling. Let me show you some examples, starting with this Elite Chiropractic Table recently listed for sale in Boise Idaho.

elite chiropractic table

This Elite Chiropractic Table gets more views than similar adjusting tables listed that do not include a photo. The picture you see above is a screenshot from the actual ad. When a user browses the ad page, they get a thumbnail of the image that they can click on. The expanded size image appears directly over the advertisement without taking the user off the page. That’s a new feature recently added.

Not only did the seller of the above chiropractic table include a good quality photograph (you can tell it’s Burgundy by looking at the picture), they provided a fairly good description of the table being sold. We’re told it has manual flexion, electric traction, and both lumbar and cervical drops.

Lets take a look at this Tytron C-3000 scanner being sold. What I like is that the individual selling this unit is showing a picture of it in what appears to be the chiropractic office.

Tytron C-3000 Scanner

This tytron scanner is located in Vista California (always include the location) and the seller explains that the item includes manuals, software, a carrying case, and instructional DVDs. I am unclear as to whether that laptop is included, which brings me to the reminder that if you’re going to list items for sale, include as much detail as possible.

It may seem silly, but we see it in commercials on television and in print, oftentimes we’re told about things that are not included. In the case of this advertisement, I’d state clearly “laptop not included” or “laptop included” just to be safe. If the laptop were included, there should be a lot more detail in the post.

Let’s take a look at this 16 x 18″ x-ray viewbox, it’s a great example of something people may not think to take the time to take a photo of. Personally, I appreciate it.

16x18 viewbox

This 16×18 inch x-ray viewbox was listed for sale by a chiropractor in Canada. Even though that is mentioned in the location, I would clearly mention in the advertisement that the viewbox is in Canada. It’s a good idea to mention a location more than once within the post.

I like that the chiropractor selling this viewbox took the time to unplug it and take a photo. I would go one step further by neatly rolling up the power cord so that it can be seen in the photograph. If I was buying a viewbox for my office, I’d actually like to know how long that cord is, since some of my power outlets are quite a ways from each other.

I’m not certain if this was made of metal or wood or a combination of both. If it’s wood framed, be sure to mention it. If it’s white aluminum framed, tell us. Basically, share a little bit more detail, and you’ll likely increase the odds someone’s going to purchase your item for sale.

Including photographs of items for sale probably makes sense to you, but in my opinion it’s critically important when selling practices as well. As an example let’s take a look at this just advertised chiropractic practice for sale in Utah.

Utah all-cash practice for sale

This Utah all cash practice for sale has a photograph included in the advertisement. First off, the ad is terrific, as it includes great detail about the practice being sold. You may even notice that he formatted his e-mail address so that it wouldn’t be stripped. Read my thoughts on that.

What I really like is that the photo shows pretty much what to expect from this chiropractic office. I can see the plate glass window and traffic right out on the street. I can see that chiropractic poster peeling off the wall too. That happens in my office, especially when it gets hot, so we use a blue sticky substance to keep posters firmly mounted.

My point is that if you’re selling a chiropractic practice, I’d strongly advise you include a photo (of either the outside or the inside) so we can get a good visual.

What about hiring associates? That is a category where you may not think a photograph would be important. Personally, I think it would be a great idea to include a photo from inside the office, so that your potential new hires could see what kind of chiropractic practice they’d be working in.

If the chiropractic seminars I’ve been to during the past year are any indication, I’d say it’s pretty clear nearly every chiropractor I know, owns either an iPhone, a Blackberry, or an Android phone. It’s quite easy to use those devices to get good quality photos of items you’re selling, or of your practice environment. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer for classified advertising.

If you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions please let me know.

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