Swine Flu Investigation On Human Error Claim

What if the swine flu virus, which has been spreading across the globe, was not something that occurred as a result of nature, but was man made in a laboratory? Sound like a crazy chiropractic conspiracy theory? Well, it’s a question and Australian scientist behind the development of Tamiflu is asking. Respected scientist, Adrian Gibbs, claims the new swine flu H1N1 virus may possibly have been accidentally created in a laboratory, by scientists using eggs to grow viruses and make new vaccines.

Chiropractic Searches include Candace Michelle and Ron Paul

Chances are you have a web site, but do you take the time to regularly check log files and statistics to see what kinds of terms are being searched that bring people to your website? For a site about chiropractic you may expect searches like back pain, headaches, scoliosis, and even spinal decompression to be popular. Over the years I found that’s not always the case, and sometimes the most popular searches are for terms that may appear to have nothing to do with your primary topic. If you’re not checking your log files, you may never know if that’s the case for your site or blog.

Obama McCain Keyphrases Used On Search Engines

Keyword research appears so 20/20 in hindsight that it can leave any news webmaster wondering why they didn’t use particular terms and phrases when creating their content in the first place. Politically related search traffic will undoubtedly reach an all-time high during the next 96 hours, and aside from the obvious searches for Obama polls and McCain polls, the potential combination of key phrases leading up to Tuesday’s election, is simply mind boggling.

Proposition 8 and others on California State Propositions

Voting yes on Proposition 8 would eliminate the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California. It’s a hot issue here in Los Angeles, one I have been hearing people talk about more frequently as we get closer to election Tuesday. We’ve really been trying to avoid the discussion of politics in the office, but the topic on at least a few of these propositions has come up more than once during adjusting hours in our chiropractic clinic. Are things this crazy in your state?

Obama Public Benefit Package and Universal Health Care Plan to Include Chiropractic

Amongst a ginormous amount of today’s news, including everything from Plumbers for Obama and people seeking copies of an Obama Birth Certificate, there was a single news piece regarding Barack Obama on Chiropractic and Medicare. Later today, the planetchiropractic.com office received an e-mail from a chiropractor on the East Coast which included a 2nd PDF file with a letter from Obama on chiropractic care and his proposed universal health care plan.

Chiropractors Donations to Democrats in 2008

For the first time since the 1994 election cycle, donation records show chiropractors gave more money to Democrats versus Republicans. Bill Clinton was president of the United States in 1994 and chiropractors political donations for that year showed 65% going to Democrats versus 34% going to Republicans. But for the following six election cycles (1996 through 2006), records show chiropractors made the majority of their political donations to Republicans, and it appears now 2008 is a time for change.