FDA-approved Lawsuit Preemption

Everyone seems to be picking on the poor Food and Drug Administration (FDA) these days, but for vastly different reasons. To the hundreds of thousands of victims (including dead ones) of adverse prescription drug reactions each year, and their families, the FDA is failing to protect the public. These people believe the agency should spend more time and effort making sure drugs are safe and effective before approval. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies feel the FDA is a nuisance, way too fussy about drug safety details and terribly slow with approval.

Is Medical Science an Oxymoron?

Today’s topic is Medical Science, one of the most expensive and prominent enterprises in our country. The time has come to give the scientific theories of medicine a checkup and find out how healthy they are. First though, we need to review the basics of real scientific inquiry. “The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline baggage,” said Mike Russell. Clearly, there are loads of scientific theories floating around out there, but how scientific are they?

California state law now requires fluoridation of municipal water

The “father of fluoridation,” Dr. Trendley Dean assured everyone in the 1930s and 1940s that the addition of fluoride to water was “safe and effective,” even “necessary” for strong bones and teeth. Dr. Dean later gave courtroom testimony on two separate occasions that his original claims were based on invalid statistics. Perhaps we are now in a position to realize that “safe and effective” is a powerful secret code used by captains of American industry in place of a different term, “hideously toxic.”