Chiropractic Employment and Job Classifieds

Dozens of practices for sale, patient education systems, chiropractic adjusting tables, and x-ray equipment appearing in new chiropractic classifieds placed in the last week. There’s also more than 200 chiropractic job posts for positions such as associates wanted and Associates available. If you’re seeking chiropractic employment, it’s a no-brainer to get a free post added to the Associates category.

Normal Curve Template Classifieds

We run out of titles for weekly chiropractic classified advertisement updates so you may sometimes simply see keywords pulled from recent classified ads. Myovision 8000, x-ray processors, verti-lift adjusting tables, practices for sale in California, subluxation stations, buildings for sale in Georgia, and opportunities to practice in Amsterdam, are among recent posts for this week’s classified ads.

Mother’s Day Chiropractor Classifieds

232 new classified advertisements in the queue since the beginning of May, with ads for items such as a myovision 8000, x-ray processor, hydraulic hand dynamometer, high frequency x-ray, impulse adjusting instruments, patient education systems, and chiropractic practices for sale. As always, any chiropractor selling products online is advised to watch out for potential scams and fraud when posting classified ads. A Nigerian Scammer Loaded Martins contacted someone earlier this week, hoping to get them to wire money overseas. It’s a good practice to take the extra steps in getting to know who you’re dealing with, before sharing any personal or specific information when buying or selling via chiropractic classifieds online. A simple reply to e-mails asking somebody what chiropractic college they attended, is a good way to start.

May Classifieds and E-Mail Reminders

No slowdown so far for the month of May when it comes to the posting of chiropractic classifieds. Chiropractors posting equipment for sale may have noticed e-mail addresses being removed from content. It’s been long suggested that anyone placing classifieds not use e-mail addresses in the body of content, as it increases spam and potential for fraud. For website links and e-mail contacts, use the forms provided when placing ads. All ads can include a photograph, link to a website, and e-mail contact via form.