Chiropractic Seminars for October includes New Beginnings

October 2013 is upon us and it’s time for chiropractors to come together for another spectacular chiropractic event before the holidays begin. I’ve attended New Beginnings in Long Branch New Jersey multiple times during the past decade and it’s well worth the trip, even from the West Coast. This year I’ll be in Las Vegas speaking at Pubcon (as I’ve been doing for about seven years now) during the new beginnings weekend, or I’d probably be there myself. The event features nearly all my favorite speakers in chiropractic.

Mission Chiropractors land in Cuba

Cuba! Can you believe that we just completed the first organized chiropractic mission trip to Cuba? I have searched and searched but I have never read about any other successful organized chiropractic mission trip to Cuba” said Peter H. Morgan, DC. A special Chiropractic mission team of 10 chiropractors, 3 chiropractic students, three chiropractic advocates and 1 chiropractic office manager brought chiropractic and humanitarian supplies to the people of Cuba. It was the first time an organized chiropractic mission trip actually made it to Cuba. Peter Morgan, DC the spiritual chiropractic leader and founder of Mission-Chiropractic and co-founder of Mission Life International of New York, N.Y. led the five-day mission to the communist nation at a time when new hope has emerged among the Cuban residents. In return, the group, made new friendships and brought home a better understanding of the plight of people on the island.