New Beginnings Commitment Toward Students (English & French)

Why do students need chiropractic philosophy? In most chiropractic colleges, students are overwhelmed by chiropractic science and technique, leaving philosophy as an afterthought. Oftentimes, that results in young DCs who are unsure about their purpose, unsure about the results of chiropractic care or who are simply not passionate about their profession. Chiropractic philosophy helps to create certainty and a sense of purpose. Chiropractic philosophy helps the student keep the enthusiasm and the drive necessary to go through 4 or 5 years of studying, tests, boards and practice building! Chiropractic philosophy is essential. Why? Because philosophy is the soul of any profession. It is what defines the way of thinking and acting of its members. We owe it to the founders of chiropractic to keep the flame alive and unsoiled.