Chiropractic Team Cares for New York’s Homeless

There’s something about those New York chiropractors. Like others living in New York, we tend to paint them as abrasive and hard-edged, with a penchant for taking care of business in a swift and timely matter. A chiropractic adjustment delivered in a New York minute may differ greatly from a West Coast chiropractors hour and 45 minute wellness session, which may or may not include valet parking of ones Range Rover and a preparation of H2O infused with imported minerals, intended to improve cellular function (and introduce patients to the mlm downline).

Doctor Gorman Wants You Focused on Chiropractic

Chiropractic philosophy events are nothing new in the Pennsylvania area and Dr. Sharon Gorman wants to make sure chiropractors are getting a chance to fellowship regularly. There was an email in my inbox today regarding an event coming up next week, and while I cannot attend, it motivated me to dig into some Sharon Gorman articles and messages from the past.

Local Chiropractors To Serve Top 2008 Companies

The 100 best companies to work for in 2008 have something in common people may not have recognized, great local chiropractors to provide natural health care to thousands of the nation’s most productive employees. They may not be employed by Starbucks or Goldman Sachs, but check a map for headquarters of many of the nation’s top companies, and you’ll find nearby chiropractors that are working out the kinks, and keeping folks healthy.

Seminars Not Just for Chiropractors

Seminars for healthcare professionals typically focus on topics that are required for gaining continuing education credits in the state an individual is practicing in. For example, the state of California has a 12 hours per year requirement on continuing education for doctors of chiropractic that want to maintain active license status. While many of these 12 hour educational programs are typically taught over weekends in hotels, the chiropractic profession hosts a number of large events (some that also include education credits) that cater towards chiropractors and their families, other health-care professionals, and even the general public.