Maria Wendy Rediffmail Classified Ad Scammer

Maria Wendy (unlikely this scammers real name) has been added to the list of individuals attempting to con sellers of chiropractic equipment (and very likely sellers on other classified ad websites too) selling ads via the chiropractic classifieds section of Planet Chiropractic.

Using the Rediffmail account [email protected], this user contacted chiropractors posting items like chiropractic adjusting tables, with a template email. I’m sharing it here so anyone searching to see if they are potentially being scammed can know this is fraud. Here’s the first email…

– – – – –


I came across your ad and I’ll like to know the following questions regarding the ad.

Q#1. How long have you owned it?
Q#2. a) Have you owned it from new? b) If not how many previous owner?
Q#3.Why are you selling it?
Q#4. In your opinion, what sort of conditions it?
Q#5. Anymore available photo?
Q#6. How much are you asking for it?
Q#7. Do you accept a (PayPal)as a mode of payment.

I’ll like to have the response to these question in your earliest convenience..Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a nice day.
Maria Wendy

– – – – –

The 7 questions asked are similar to those seen in numerous examples of fraudulent replies I’ve seen to classified ad postings over the years. Here are a few…

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The gift for a family member is a popular scam approach, and it’s likely very popular around the holiday season, don’t make your loss someone else’s Christmas gift. Here’s how Maria Wendy replied when contacted by a chiropractor replying to the template email (something I recommend against).



I really appreciate your respond,I am an mining operator and am currently on mining ship at the moment, I located in pacific WA, and i want you to know that am okay with the flex/distraction status and also the conditions of the flex/distraction and the asking price as well, I am buying the flex/distraction as a gift for my Dad as a surprise for him,he wont know anything about the flex/distraction until they get delivered to him, i can only pay through PayPal as i don’t have access to my bank account on-line as i don’t have internet banking,but i have my bank account attached to my PayPal account and this is why i insisted on paying you through PayPal, kindly get back to me with your PayPal details if you don’t have PayPal account yet,it is very easy to set up at your bank and get it set up,after you have set it up i will only need the e-mail address you use for registration with PayPal so as to put the money through so i can proceed with the payment and after the payment has been done, i have a pick up agent that will come around for verifications and to pick the flex/distraction after i have made the payments for the flex/distraction.So I will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the making of the payment.

1.Your PayPal full name.

2.Your PayPal Email Address.

3..Your phone number.

Once again ,I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping. I will have my pick-up agent come over as soon as you have receive the payment confirmation.




Notice how poor the grammar is? That’s very common for these types of scams. Also, the buyer appears to have no idea what a “flex/distraction” is as evidenced by the cut and paste approach in the reply. It’s nothing more than an attempt to separate sellers from their money, their items, or both.

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling online, be alert and perform at least a few searches on the email or user accounts of people contacting you.

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  1. I get so many of these that my eyes glaze over when I read them. Luckily, I’ve won the lottery twice and inherited millions from a dying lady in Africa this week so won’t need to spend my time reading them any more!

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