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Life Source Seminar sponsored by Life University

October 30, 2003 @ 9:00 am - November 2, 2003 @ 9:00 pm

Register online at www.lifesourceseminars.comor contact Life University’s
Postgraduate Department
at 1-800-543-3406.
“It is people with the vision of success who manifest success. Success-minded people will hope for it and successful
people have applied the active ingredient, ACTION! They realize a planned and definite objective must be
established if you’re to accomplish anything in a big way.” — BRUCE PARKER, D.C.
There is no achievement without a goal… that’s Life!
“There is 100% of me. I get to choose how I am going to spend that 100%. So many of the great chiropractors of
our era have burnt themselves out by breaking one of God’s rules of the universe.”
Balance… that’s Life! SHARON GORMAN, D.C.
“We are one with this infinite power, the source of all things, in the degree that we live in the realization of this
oneness, and in the degree we actualize in ourselves a power that will bring to us an abundance of all things, that
it is desirable for us to have.” — JAMES SIGAFOOSE, D.C.
We are one with an infinite power… that’s Life!
“We must look beyond our physical selves inward and renew our commitment to chiropractic. One committed
chiropractor can change the lives of many.” Many changed lives will lead to a better world… that’s Life! TERRY RONDBERG, D.C.
“Imagine living your life balanced, on purpose and with passion, having all you ever dreamed of, contributing to others, and achieving your ultimate destiny.” — SHAWN POWERS, D.C. Meaning, purpose and compassion… that’s Life!
“We have learned that complacency and inactivity are the quickest route to defeat, and we are committed to do
what is necessary to ensure our rights as chiropractors.” Standing up for chiropractors… that’s Life! — CHARLES RIBLEY, D.C.
“We are born with a natural healing ability. We are meant to radiate health, wholeness, happiness, strength, joy
and love. That is our birthright. Our job as humans is to connect to that beautiful source of life, health and
wholeness within.” — TEDD KOREN, D.C.
Experiencing our natural powers… that’s Life!
Other dynamic speakers appearing at the inaugural Life Source Seminar:
John Hofmann, James Gregg, Mike O’Hallern, Peter Lawrence, John Downes, Kim Klapp, Joe Lupo,
Bob DeBonis, Corey Rodnick, Kevin & Selena Jackson, Diane DeReu-Foley, Ellen Coyne, Cheryl Langley,
Denise Carlstrom, Tom Klapp, C.J. Mertz, Mark Hudson, Gerry Clum, Ben DeSpain, Shawn & Karen Ferguson
Hotel Information
Atlanta-Perimeter NW, GA
6345 Powers Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30339
Ask for in-house reservations special Life Source Rate $79 per night
For the first time ever, LIFE University is sponsoring a gathering of our family which
includes over 12,000 alumni, their families, supporters and like-minded friends plus the faculty,
staff, administration, board of trustees and student body. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime
opportunity to experience the first Life Source Seminar, a celebration of Lasting Purpose!
Bring your dreams to LIFE!
Bring your dreams to LIFE!
Experience these outstanding speakers as we celebrate our Lasting Purpose!


October 30, 2003 @ 9:00 am
November 2, 2003 @ 9:00 pm
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Chiropractors, Staff, Students