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Launch at Kansas City

April 6, 2018 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Friday April 6th~ 5:00pm – 9:00pm
@ Kansas City – TBD

Cost: FREE
Pizza: FREE


Who Are We?

We represent a group of radical individuals who believe together we can take chiropractic back to its roots of being pure. We believe in people that are prepared, that operate with excellence and inspiration. We believe in creating a revolt against the slow and steady degradation of the message of chiropractic, its schools and most importantly the students within the four walls of those chiropractic institutions.

Our vision is in rallying students, gathering and connecting all the table-turners in our profession, the crazy ones who believe that together we can cause an actual movement. A movement that creates a healthy generation of chiropractic students and young doctors, which translates into successful offices that are counter culture because of the amount of people they are able to serve and the profitability of their business systems.

Learn from doctors a couple years into their
practice that have…

-Have over 75+ new practice members in their first week.
-Collect $15k+ in the first week.
-Built more than a 40% pediatric practice.
-Paid off their student loans in under 3 years into practice.
-Built a family referral-based practice.
-See 300 patients a week in less than 1 month into practice.
-Built a practice seeing hundreds a week from scratch.
-Speaking on the stage of some of the largest chiropractic events in the profession.
-Built a 7-figure practice in under 2 years after graduation.
-Trained and have a team of rock solid chiropractic assistants.
-Have fun in their practice, serve lots of families while making a profit.
-Started with a full marketing calendar before their office was even open.
-Been able to practice the hours they want and how they want, with lots of time for family.
-Have proven business systems and profitable practices.
-Are hugely successful in the four walls of their practice, but also making a difference through writing books, developing products and relationships to advance the principle of chiropractic
-Created relationships and bonds with other like minded, highly motivated and successful chiropractors and families
-Are collecting consistently over $75,000+ a month in the first year of practice
-Joined an elite group of practices grossing over $1 million a year in collections, while just doing chiropractic…nothing else

What will you add to this list?
Will you even make the list?
Will you be next?
What will you do?

We believe that LAUNCH will culminate with an annual gathering of like minded people, who have a heart and desire to see chiropractic take its rightful place in healthcare. We believe that young students, young doctors or the young at heart can and must be willing to take a stand and join our revolution!


April 6, 2018
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Bailey Backhuus