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Help, I can’t be found online!

Recently I received a hand signed letter from Rey Valentin of Celebrity SEO Marketing. I can’t recall ANY of my SEO friends ever sending me a hand written letter (you bastards).

Well, Rey Valentin must have thought it important to contact me, and take the time to sign his letter by hand, and even hand address the envelope. I’m already getting the feeling he’s a special kind of SEO. Take a read through what he sent and let me know what you think.

Rey Valentin Kenmore AveRey Valentin – 1040 N. Kenmore Ave. #403, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Hello Michael,

Last week, I was searching for a chiropractor in the area for my aunt and I noticed that you weren’t in the search engines at all.

No Google Maps listing.

No search engine results (none on the first 2 pages at least).

The only reason I heard about you was that you were referred by one of my friends.

It occurred to me that you are probably missing out on a lot of new leads and prospects because your company’s website couldn’t be found online.

Here’s a little known fact: 62 percent of all people who buy from your business check out your website before they spend a dime with you.

62 percent!

Ten years ago – it was just enough to have a website…

If someone ‘Googled’ your name and you had a web presence, you were considered cutting edge

Not anymore.

Now, people expect to see Facebook pages.

Twitter profiles.

Email signup forms so that they can get more information about your company.

Mobile websites so they can check out your business on the run.

Google Maps integration so they can navigate to you on their mobile device…

And really, that’s just some of it…

Unless you have a complete web presence, you aren’t going to be able to use the Internet to grow your business.

And that’s a shame.

Website designers charge thousands and thousands of dollars to get your website set up.

That’s all fine and good, but it doesn’t MEAN anything!

Having a website isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be able to make money online!

After the super expensive web designers finish, they simply walk away…

Here you sit, just paying a boatload of money for a website and it isn’t doing ANYTHING for your bottom line, and you can’t do anything about it!

It’s not making you sales. It’s not getting you leads… It’s not even ranking in the search engines for what you need it to be ranking for!

That’s where I come in.

I’ve made my whole business into partnering with small businesses like you that DEMAND results…

More revenue. More leads. More customer attraction.

I use some of the best technologies on the planet to make sure your website ranks for the keywords that YOU want it to rank for.

I make sure that when someone gets to your website, you capture their information so that you can use it in the future to market to them.

I develop brand-centric Facebook pages and campaigns that engage customers and end users faster than you ever dreamed possible!

Now… That’s all fine and good. But what will it do for your company?

I can help you get more leads so that you can sell your products and services.

I’ll help you dramatically reduce your customer acquisition costs.

After we’re done, your marketing model will forever be changed, in a way your competitors haven’t even considered.

What would it be like to wake up and see lead after lead piled up in your inbox?

Or sale after sale when you log in to your company dashboard in the morning… It’s a powerful thing, I can assure you!

Listen, why don’t you and I get together for a 1-hour call this week sometime.

All you have to do is call my cell phone at this number 323-393-5367 and I’ll get you set up with a time.

To your success,

Rey-Valentin-323-393-5367Rey Valentin

Celebrity SEO Marketing

323-393-5367 cell

[email protected]

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