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Herniated Discs and Chiropractic Educational Video

The other day I posted a video link of a mini lecture I presented on spinal vertebrae. Using one of those popular plastic spine models, the ones that show four stages of degeneration, I answered some of the questions people ask me all the time in my chiropractic office.

I filmed another video yesterday, and my staff even created a neat 5 x 7 flash card with my office website information on it ( because they love when people say they saw something about us on the Internet.

The video is a real easy to make, and even though I have a fancy & expensive DV video camera, I shot this with a tiny Casio Exilm digital camera that is typically used for photos. Just make sure you have a big memory card in it and you’ll be ready to go.

Video no longer available, will post link or player if it gets posted again.

For any chiropractor watching this video it may seem ridiculously simple. Who doesn’t know which parts of the model represent bone, discs, and spinal nerves? If you been in practice for any length of time, I know you’re not surprised, because people still come to my office every day and say “what this part?” and I say thats a spinal bone, as they look on the inquisitively.

Who needs to pay $500 for chiropractic educational videos when you can get them online for free? Sure, this video is not the greatest and I am speaking like a freight train, but I’m just getting started. 🙂
There are lots of tools available to add videos like this to your website and you’re welcome to add chiropractic videos I create to your website as well. If you have a question of how to do so post a comment here.

Bones Spinal Nerves and Disks

This morning I found an old digital camera had lying around at my Los Angeles chiropractic office. The camera only had a 64 Mb memory card but I noticed it could capture Apple format .mov video, which I never try to use it for.

I placed the camera on a tripod in one of my adjusting rooms and created a brief educational video using one of those plastic spine, disk, nerve models. I grabbed the model of the healthy spine and just went over some of the basics. One of the things I’ve learned over the years I’ve been practicing as a chiropractor, is that not everyone took anatomy classes, dissection classes, and all the other classes that are required in chiropractic school. It originally came as a big surprise to me when I showed people models of spinal nerves and disks, forgetting that before I went to school for all this information, I didn’t know much about what was inside my body either.

Okay, it’s a real brief video and I didn’t even take the time to do any editing. I didn’t have QuickTime player installed on my computer so I uploaded the video to Google and had it converted from there.

[coolplayer width=”400″ height=”300″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”0″ mediatype=””]

Just remember, anything getting on your nerves can just become a pain in the *. See your local chiropractor and get checked for vertebral subluxation today.

Introduction to Chiropractic in Spanish

A chiropractor in Orange County, California contacted me yesterday wanting to know if Planet Chiropractic still had chiropractic videos in Spanish. Back in early 2000, or sometime around there, we had a video available for sale featuring Panamanian born chiropractor Dr. Luis Ocon of Salinas, California.

Since the time I filmed the video (digitally on my handheld Sony VX1000 DV camcorder), broadband speeds have improved to the point that the entire 30 minute video could be made available online for viewing. I decided to post the video to Google sometime early last year but realized just yesterday that I didn’t make any formal announcement of doing so. (This is my formal announcement)

The audio is entirely in Spanish and it features Dr. Luis Ocon doing a new patient lecture in his Salinas office. He uses some flip charts made available from Reggie Gold, talks about chiropractic, subluxation, the spine, nervous system, rock on the hose, and the importance of receiving regular care.

I’d love to sell copies of these but I’m currently out of stock on both video cassette and DVD and have no plans to create any in the near future. Anyway, the quality that’s available online should be good enough for someone to show in their office from a computer connected to the Internet. You can provide a link to this page if you’d prefer. When I have space for a high quality digital format download of this video I’ll make some links available. It will likely be available as an ISO file so that the end-user burn the video to DVD. (Anyone interested in participating to make this happen get in touch with me via e-mail) Actually, I have the space but need the bandwidth for uploading. OK, enough of that, here’s the video…

Dang! This video player has stopped being supported long ago. Perhaps someday while post this again in another format.

Dr. Luis Ocon became world-famous in the area of chiropractic in the 1990s when, along with his wife Lina, they organized what went on to become a series of the largest chiropractic “missions” recorded to date. There were events in the late 1990s when Civic gymnasiums in locations such as Panama City, Panamá, were filled with 10,000 to 20,000 people per day coming in for free upper cervical chiropractic care. The events were captured on film and featured on regular newscasts in Central America on networks such as CNN. They were supported by the Panamanian government who organized large groups of volunteers to see that all people in the country would have access to chiropractic care.

Some articles related to Luis Ocon (search) and chiropractic missions to Panamá…

CREW Completes 10th Chiropractic Panama Mission
This was the 9th mission to the country of Panama, a most popular location for CREW chiropractic missions, since the group was founded in 1997 by Dr. Luis Ocon and his wife Lina. Twenty-six chiropractors from around the globe gathered on this mission that humbly served the people of Panama. Chiropractors provided upper cervical chiropractic adjustments in locations in and around Panama city, Panama, from February 1st to the 7th.

Chiropractors Receive Key to Panama City

Panama City, Panama: Dr. Luis and Lina Ocon of Salinas, California were given the key to the city of Panama today for the chiropractic humanitarian work provided in Panama during the past week.

Planet Chiropractic Videos from 1990s

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Back in the 1990s we had 4 chiropractic videos available for sale. All were on VHS and they could be ordered online. Since those days, people have moved to DVD and even online video downloads. Planet Chiropractic stopped offering videos for sale around 2002 but I’d like to one day have a few of these available for watching online or downloading in a standard video watching format.

Stew Bittman VideoThe Mission of Chiropractic Video – The Mission of Chiropractic with Dr. Stew Bittman was an 88 minute recording filmed in a chiropractic office in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Since 1986 Dr. Stew Bittman has operated a successful, high volume practice in South Lake Tahoe, California. In his practice Dr. Bittman shares the chiropractic message with thousands of adults and children. In addition he has participated in five chiropractic missions in Central America.

In this video, recorded at one of his weekly evening talks, Dr. Bittman communicates the big picture of chiropractic – the ability to express our life’s full potential free from interference. Included in the beginning of the video is a slide presentation from Dr. Bittman’s third Panama mission, during which 147 chiropractors adjusted 315,000 people in a total of 6 days.

Speaking from his heart Dr. Bittman passionately teaches about the mission of chiropractic in a clear, humorous and moving way. Listen and learn how you can inspire your practice members to become missionaries by realizing the chiropractic message and embodying the principle in their own lives.

If I ever get it online, I’ll embed it or post a link here.


Charla QuiropracticaCharla Quiropractic: Chiropractic Video in Spanish!

30 Minute Video with Luis Ocon, D.C.

  • Thirteen percent of our nation’s population speak Spanish as a primary language.
  • Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language in the world. English is third.
  • The U.S. Hispanic population grew 58% between 1990 and 2000.

Who is teaching them about chiropractic?

Join Dr. Luis Ocon for a 30 minute introduction to chiropractic, completely in Spanish. A great video.

“I show all of my spanish speaking patients this video.” – Joe Accurso, Miami – Florida

Dr. Luis covers topics such as the adjustment, subluxations, the importance of care for the entire family, and the role of the nervous system.

This was once the best selling video on Planet Chiropractic. I had a copy posted online but video formats have changed and that video is no longer available. I’ll post a link here, or embed a video player if it becomes available again.


Birth Trauma VideoBirth Trauma: A Modern Epidemic – Video

10 Minute Video by Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

Birth Trauma: A Modern Epidemic is designed to educate parents about the devastating effects of birth on the newborn’s developing nervous system. Using footage of current births, along with supporting research, this 10 minute video is designed to make an impact for change to modern day birthing procedures.

The importance of chiropractic care from conception and throughout life is emphasized. Narrated scenes of adjusting demonstrate the gentle, specific adjustments used for pregnant mothers and their infants.

Written and produced by Dr. Jeanne Ohm, Chiropractor

I don’t know if Dr. Jeanne ever made this available for downloading or watching online, if I here from her I’ll add a link here.

There was another video, and one featuring Bob Sottile, D.C. that may get posted online someday, will provide links if and when those are available.