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Why Chiropractors should support Ron Paul

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m getting more e-mails regarding the Ron Paul Revolution article from yesterday than pretty much anything else I’ve received comments on over the past 10 years. I’m going to repost a number of the e-mails I received since last night but I’m removing all names and e-mail addresses. If anything posted here is discovered to be protected by copyright or lifted from another web site, let me know and I’ll delete it, or source link the information.

You’re welcome to leave comments below. All the information I’m listing here was received in my e-mail inbox during the past 24 hours…

From Tennessee: Good evening! I just say your blog post regarding Dr. Ron Paul and wanted to drop you a quick note in reference to your request for information about Dr. Paul:

Most informed people understand that homeopathic medicines as well as chiropractic and acupuncture are helping millions and that our government is basically trying to outlaw all three because that isn’t where the big money is. I have worked in the chiropractic field in years past and can tell you that most chiropractors are not living nearly as high on the hog as most MD’s are. They are in chiropractic because they believe in it and I have seen TONS of folks helped drastically by chiropractic when main-stream medicine just wanted to drug them or perform un-needed surgery on them. Any who scoff at such ‘alternative’ treatments are flying the face of eons of natural healing. Something that Dr. Paul doesn’t believe the government should be outlawing or regulating at the behest of big pharma and the AMA – both of whom want to stiffle any competition to the status quo. Dr. Paul has stated that he doesn’t believe our government or any of its agencies should be basically outlawing herbal and natural medicines and has also stated that that herbal supplements and such should not be regulated.

From Milford, Connecticut: The current system of third-party payers takes the decision-making away from patients regarding their treatment options. “Alternative” treatments such as chiropractic and accupuncture are most times not covered by the plans offered by big HMO’s. Dr. Paul’s plans encourage the patient and the treatment providers to determine the care that the patient receives – not the government or the HMO’s.

From a chiropractor in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania: You a little slow in getting this? Im a DC in Bloomsburg, PA and Ive been on the Ron Paul bandwagon since 9-11. Anyway this is what his website says regarding healthcare.

Americans are justifiably concerned over the government?s escalating intervention into their freedom to choose what they eat and how they take care of their health.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in order to comply with standards dictated by supra-national organizations such as the UN?s World Food Code (CODEX), NAFTA, and CAFTA, has been assuming greater control over nutrients, vitamins and natural health care providers to restrict your right to choose the manner in which you manage your health and nutritional needs.

  • I have been the national leader in preserving Health Freedom.
  • I have introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act, HR 2117, to ensure Americans can receive truthful health information about supplements and natural remedies.
  • I support the Access to Medical Treatment Act, H.R. 2717, which expands the ability of Americans to use alternative medicine and new treatments.
  • I oppose legislation that increases the FDA?s legal powers. FDA has consistently failed to protect the public from dangerous drugs, genetically modified foods, dangerous pesticides and other chemicals in the food supply. Meanwhile they waste public funds attacking safe, healthy foods and dietary supplements
  • I also opposed the Homeland Security Bill, H.R. 5005, which, in section 304, authorizes the forced vaccination of American citizens against small pox. The government should never have the power to require immunizations or vaccinations.

From Phoenix, Arizona: I didnt know who he was till I started seeing articles on, I started reading some, I started to realise I agree with him, I realised he was different, honest and wasn’t a clone politician. I recently donated and signed up to a meetup group here in Phoenix. Someone recently made this and I think it will give you a very good view of him.

From somewhere in the USA: I am an avid Ron Paul supporter. I am also a life-long believer in chiropractic. I am definitely a lay-person in both regards. That said, however, I believe that there is no candidate better for the chiropractic profession to support than Ron Paul. As a constitutionalist, he wants the federal government out of the medical profession. This is a very good thing in my opinion as I truly believe that the AMA is responsible for too many witchhunts. I also believe that the “medical industrial complex” is thoroughly corrupt and leads to ever higher costs for both patient and doctor. Ron Paul supports people’s freedom to choose the type of care that they would like. He does not believe people are brainless sheep that need to be protect by a nanny government. If Ron Paul’s positions were law in the USA, I would not be traveling to Mexico or Europe for the treatments that I want/need. I could also just read labels like herbal teas for bronchial coughs and cranberry juice for cystitis. I could have read a label and chosen to take some extra vitamin D to prevent multiple sclerosis. I could consult with a nutritionist, homeopath, chiropractor or medical school doctor or someone promoting targeted colostrum or even someone selling snake venom! But it would be my choice, I wouldn’t have to be concerned with the government deciding for me. This is huge. This is why I don’t live in the USA right now. I had my babies at home with midwives (one in Germany, one in the US) they saw a chiropractor before a medical doctor and we didn’t do unnecessary tests or vaccines for hepatitis b the first day of life!

Having watched the government violently take control of the medical care of teenagers, like the teen with cancer that was taken from her home and ordered to take either chemo or radiation cancer treatments instead of the alternative treatment she and her parents thought would be best, I decided to leave. Having been essentially stalked by a neurologist because as a newly diagnosed ms patient, I was fresh meat for drug studies, I decided to leave. Having eventually read of the studies on cannabis and its potential neuroprotective qualities that apparently don’t exist in the USA, I decided to leave. Having read of the special investor report on the ms market (only costs $10,000 to download), I realized that even if they found the cure for ms tomorrow, I would never know because real cures don’t make money, treatments do. So everybody needs to stay on their copaxone or rebif or whatever and even if it keeps getting worse, at least they are ‘doing something’–stabbing the monster! The same special reports are available for the other chronic disease markets. I wonder how many diseases have been cured and the cures buried with their discoverer’s because they weren’t politically correct. I met many supposedly terminal cancer patients on the shuttlebus to Tijuana, they talked of Hoxley or Hulda Clark or IV Vitamin C. Even though chiropractic has become officially tolerated–at least for sore backs and car accidents, this hasn’t always been so. Besides, there is a whole lot more to chiropractic. It would be nice if we were allowed to talk about it! Ron Paul as a physician understands the problems with medical insurance medicare and would like to see medical care local again—between doctor and patient, not government, drug companies, doctor and patient!

You will, I’m sure have many letters from more qualified people addressing why Ron Paul is better for chiropractors, but I doubt anyone will respond that feels more passionately about options in medical treatment than I do and that is why I support Ron Paul.

Another e-mailed me this: I was so happy to find your blog about Ron Paul! With some research, I think you’ll agree that he’s exactly what America (and chiropractors) needs right now. He’s a champion of personal liberties. This is a compilation of his writings. If you click on the “healthcare” link, you’ll find out why we’re all so excited about this revolution!

And finally, if you think the world is not getting more interconnected, I received an e-mail from “the guy” I took a photo of when walking down Mill Street. For that, Brett Rayno at least deserves a link…


Thanks everyone for the enlightenment!

Chiropractors Voting for Ron Paul

Michael DorauschBy Michael Dorausch, D.C.

He may be a medical doctor, but Ron Paul is the only US presidential hopeful name that I’ve seen consistently appearing in chiropractic e-mails, newsletters, and discussion groups. Earlier last month, I took some time to write about the web sites of Barack, Hillary, and Paul and I had been meaning to get some more news out about the 2008 election, but I’ve been focused on other things.

Just a few minutes ago I noticed a hundred plus headlines suggesting that Ron Paul has recently raised more than $5 million, thanks in part to donations being made via the Internet. Some article links I grabbed from the major media and the blogosphere include: Ron Paul’s fund raising doubled, Ron Paul’s impressive haul, Ron Paul raises 5 million, the $5 million Man, and Ron Paul raises 5 million.

Why would chiropractors be so gung ho on the Texas obstetrician, Ron Paul? I haven’t read all the e-mail discussions so I don’t yet have a reasonable idea. Taking a brief look at his issues on health care, it appears as though Ron Paul’s suggestions for health freedom are quite similar to those in the majority chiropractic interest. That’s my first guess.

To my knowledge, chiropractic organizations in the United States have historically endorsed Republican presidential candidates, yet I’ve seen no official word from 3 major US organizations: The International Chiropractors Association, the Federation of Straight Chiropractors, or the World Chiropractic Alliance, on presidential hopefuls for 2008.

I will be posting presidential related discussions to this blog, and will post all news related material to the Planet Chiropractic main index page. I think it’s soon time for a presidential posture contest, who do you think has the backbone for the job?