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New York Chiropractors Get an Update

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Was checking through names and offices listed on the May Chiropractors post and noticed a number of chiropractors based out of New York that had not yet been added to other directory pages. Changes were made yesterday and it appears that we will be featuring several chiropractors from the New York area in upcoming planet chiropractic news articles.

New York chiropractorsI haven’t been traveling to New York much in the past three years (loving the West Coast too much) but I always see New York chiropractors when I am there. I see them more frequently when we get together for conferences in the desert or places like Las Vegas.

The chiropractors in the photo to the left are Ellicott City chiropractor Dr. Steven Silverston (top) and Dr. John Gehnrich (and his wife) of Rhino Chiropractic in Rockville Centre, New York.

Ellicott City is not in New York but Dr. Steve and I are both from Queens. Dr. Johns office is not too far away from where I enjoyed my first six years of life.

The Chiropractors New York page was updated to reflect additions that appeared in the Cinco de Mayo (may 5) with comments from chiropractors across the planet.

Besides updating Rockville Centre, there were updates for Garden City, Huntington, Levittown, Howard Beach, Rochester, Merrick, Manhattan, West Babylon, and others.

From checking the comments on the chiropractors post, it looks like we’ll be seeing some featured articles on New York chiropractors in Howard Beach, Levittown, Huntington Station, New Hyde Park, South Huntington, New York City, and Dr. Fred Jones in Merrick.

I’m curious to see how practice is different in places like New York compared to states such as California. Also interesting to compare chiropractic practices in metro areas like New York City versus Chicago and Los Angeles. I’d also like to find out if the majority of chiropractors practicing in the state of New York attended chiropractic colleges in the same state, or nearby states such as Connecticut or Iowa. In Southern California, it’s rare to find a chiropractor that did not attend either CCCLA, LACC, or Pasadena Straight Chiropractic College. I sometimes meet graduates from Palmer West or Life West but it’s less frequently than the local schools.

If you have any questions for chiropractors practicing in the state of New York, add them to the comments and I will forward them on to those conducting interviews for the news articles.

Realtime results for Chiropractic on Twitter

MichaelBy Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s no secret that I love Twitter. You can follow my personal tweets @chiropractic or you may want to follow chiropractic news tweets @planetc1 or (if you are a chiropractor) even localized chiropractic classified advertising @ChiropracticAds.

Earlier today, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land authored a post about a recently added local twitter search option by a company called Summize. I had been playing with some of the search features of the site but after Danny’s post I thought I’d do an experiment to see what kind of localized results were potentially available.

A straight search for my user profile brings up a number of tweets by me, conversations I’m having with others, and some other tweets related to chiropractic. That doesn’t provide any location information so I asked a group of those following me to tweet back their location. Now I had some results to play with.

Two users from Dallas, Texas responded to my tweet, eddings and tonynwright. Notice the tweets read @chiropractic Dallas, Texas and @chiropractic Dallas, TX ? While these results are appearing on summize, I wonder if there’s a potential they’ll be indexed by a major search engine? Let’s take a look at some more.

tighefighter messaged back Calgary, AB (which is in Canada)

Interestingly, jonkelly twittered back denver, co and daniellew messaged back New Paltz, NY and neither one of their tweets appeared in the local search results for their cities. I had to perform a nonadvanced search (chiropractic New Paltz, NY or chiropractic denver, co) to return their results.

The person in the middle, devbasu twittered Toronto, Ontario and that result came back in a location based search. The search query looked like this… chiropractic near:”Toronto, Ontario” within:15mi

Here’s a screenshot from my twitter profile of six more replies I had…

Search string for chiropractic near:”Honolulu, Hawaii” within:15mi returned results for twitter user techustle. Search string for chiropractic near:”Raleigh, NC” didn’t return my tweet from torka. There was no local search results for pattib22 @chiropractic Naples Florida but the davidmihm @chiropractic Portland, OR came up positive for location based search.

The tweet by Keri Morgret (who had a good post today Apology to my Wrists) didn’t return search results either. In this particular case, it could be that they are protected (hope you are ok with me sharing that information Keri). And finally, chiropractic near:”Charleston, WV” returned results with the twitter profile of rustyfelty (who I am now following).

So what did I learn from all this (other than there are lots of super people following me) experimenting? I learned that Summize is on their way to organizing some localized Twitter data. I also learned that current searches are currently based on location information added to user profiles and not information sent in tweets (someone correct me if I am wrong).

There has got to be some potential here but I don’t quite see it yet. What do you think?


By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractors… This Post is All About You!

This past weekend I collected more than 100 chiropractic business cards while attending the DCS Jam event in Southern California. Many chiropractors that handed me cards mentioned they had address changes, phone number changes, or other changes, some of which differed from information listed on the Local Chiropractor pages.

It has been a week since the continuing education event and there are currently 3 stacks of business cards from chiropractors (with practices in numerous states) sitting on my desk. Neither my staff or myself have much time set aside to add new business listings and update the information we currently have displayed in chiropractic directory databases. I want this information available to the public as much as you do.

Planet Chiropractic receives e-mails every day from people seeking chiropractors in different parts of the world, and also receive requests by telephone and e-mail, in my LA chiropractic office. I know that hundreds of chiropractors also get requests from existing patients to help find a chiropractor in a specific area. I figured if we’re working together on this, we can get all of those 100 chiropractic locations (and potentially many more) added to the address databases in a shorter duration of time.

Chiropractors Promoting Wellness and Good Health

It’s real simple to participate. All it will take is for you to add your chiropractic office information to the comments below. You don’t have to create an account. You don’t have the register. All you have to do is add the name of your chiropractic practice, your name, your business address, business telephone, website URL (if you have one), and possibly a brief description about your office (that will be optional).

We will pull the address and phone number information from the comments and have them added to the directory pages (which are receiving a lot of search traffic), which will be easier on my staff than manually adding information from business cards.

You’ll get a link to your web site in the comments section, you’ll get a link to your website on the directory pages, and your office address and phone number information will be displayed as well. There’s no marketing involved. I’m not going to try and sell you anything. I just figure working as a group we can get a lot more information added (a lot faster) than if the task was left to just myself or my staff. Sound good?

Let’s Make This Exciting!

Beginning on June 1, 2008, Planet Chiropractic will feature articles written about local chiropractors from all over the world, with featured offices being selected exclusively from the comments section of this blog post.

That’s right, myself, Planet Chiropractic staff, or hired writers will be contacting chiropractors that participate by adding their information, with questions and interviews about where you practice, how you practice, how long you have been in practice, what you love about being a chiropractor, the people being served in your community, and other information you’d like to share with people seeking chiropractic practitioners.

The plan is to feature a different chiropractor at least one time per week until we’ve gone through the entire list. Our chiropractic news articles are typically read by thousands and they provide an incredible opportunity for chiropractors all over the globe to share their stories about the wonders of chiropractic care.

Think you want to participate? Here is what I ask. Add your office information in the comments below. I’ll be adding my office first to provide an example of how to properly post a comment. If you post comment spam, expect to have your comment deleted and sent into akismet purgatory. One comment per chiropractic practitioner. If there is more than one chiropractor practicing in your office, I’d prefer to have the owner of the practice listed. Associates are welcome to participate as well.

If you are a chiropractic student or the patient, practice member, or client of a chiropractor, you may want to pass this information on to them. I greatly appreciate that and will be seeking out a way to reward you for doing so.

This post will be updated based on questions asked, so that we are providing the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Ready, set, post your comments!

On the Run Searching for Chiropractors

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The search is on for chiropractors across the United States. There are stacks of business cards spread out across my desk. I’ve been taking calls and receiving e-mails from people either seeking out chiropractors or wanting to get chiropractic offices listed on a number of different Web properties owned or managed by Planet Chiropractic. After a long run on the beach in Marina del Rey today, I came home with an idea that will enable hundreds of chiropractors to participate in adding and updating address information on chiropractic pages displaying throughout the Internet. We will have news on that Monday, Cinco de Mayo, 2008.

4 chiropractors(photo: chiropractors Michael Dorausch, Dr. Cassell, Carolyn Griffin and Lawrence Clayman)

What’s great about large events like the DCS California Jam is that I get tons of chiropractic business cards and contact information for offices all over the country. There’s always that person that needs a chiropractor nearby, and my office has a ginormous amount of pages to update.

In the SoCal area, I have people actively seeking chiropractors in Artesia, Cerritos, La Palma, Cypress, Stanton, Hawaiian Gardens, Los Alamitos, Lakewood, Bellflower, Signal Hill, Westminster, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Fullerton, Orange, Hacienda Heights, Rosemead, El Segundo, Palos Verdes, and Rolling Hills (and that’s not even the first stack of cards).

I also had a lengthy discussion with three chiropractors from the Seattle, Washington area, and seven chiropractors from the San Diego area. Some work is underway to better organize pages so that numerous chiropractors appear for searches that are currently limited to displaying individual offices (such as San Diego Chiropractic and Encinitas Chiropractic). Dr. Darrel Crain is in San Diego, Dr. John Michals is in Encinitas (but so are Drs. John Paul, Jack Mawer, and Sondra Konigsfeld), and there are other chiropractors to list as well.

In some Metro areas (like Chiropractic Santa Monica) groups of three or more chiropractors have teamed up to create community-based web sites which provide multiple chiropractic listings.

I located a Tustin Chiropractor, had someone seeking a referral there earlier today. Numerous requests came in from the Livermore area (and this is awesome) for guys practicing Brazilian jujitsu mixed martial arts. Have no idea how they got my LA office phone number, but my staff hooked them up with a great chiropractor in that area.

Last call of the day was for someone in San Jose, my staff referred them to Gavin Carr, a spectacular chiropractor practicing in the Northern California area.

If all goes well, organizing this information will go far more smoothly, after some changes coming next week. Thanks for continuing to contact me for referral information in your area.

Chiropractor Map Results and Blended Search

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I saw a domain for sale today and it prompted me to begin searching for some local chiropractic related terms. One thing led to another and I found myself searching Bakersfield Chiropractic. I was amused to discover a post from planet chiropractic news displayed within the search results but what I found really neat was a few examples of blended search which provided an opportunity to put together this hopefully educational post.

I captured three different screenshots with the first one being displayed below.

Bakersfield chiropractor link

The search I performed included results for an article appearing on Planet Chiropractic from February 18 of 2008. Notice just underneath the snippet (…which features one of his three daughters talking about the benefits of chiropractic care.) is a link to a map along with the address for a chiropractic office in the 93312 area.

This next screenshot shows what the search result looks like when clicking on the + (plus sign) that appears to the left of the map link. Results open within the search page and here is what is displayed…

displaying map for Bakersfield chiropractor

I don’t know about you, but I find it very exciting that one can get information for local businesses directly within search results, without having to trudge through directory web sites, or even having to leave the main search page.

If I was consumer searching for this particular chiropractic office or an office in the Bakersfield area, I’d likely get this map link (or something similar) within the blended results. Two options I think are really great features is the option to get directions or to expand the map view. Very cool stuff.

Out of curiosity I modified the search term and Google kindly delivered two different examples of blended search, stacked right on top of one another. I marked those with red arrows. Let’s take a look below.

Bakersfield blended search results

The first result was for a YouTube video featuring one of Dr. Ryan’s daughters. The second result was the same as is shown in the screenshot to the top of this post. The two different examples of blended search here are video and mapping. In my opinion, the search experience for the end-user is much richer as a result of blended (a.k.a. universal) search. In my search results I was provided with an opportunity to learn more about this local chiropractor (thanks to the displayed video) and or view a map to the office, all without leaving the search page. If it wasn’t the information I was seeking I could continue going on about my searching activities.

You may be thinking that this could suck for Planet Chiropractic since the user is provided with an opportunity not to leave the search page (and therefore not viewing content on the web site). It could suck, but I was looking at this from the perspective of the end-user (who happened to be me) seeking an easy way to discover information, not the webmaster bending over backwards for site traffic.

I’m liking blended search.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression San Jose

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Was that a chiropractor you were looking for?

Sometimes I see the strangest advertising results. I am in Santa Clara California for a three-day Internet conference. As I often do while I’m in my hotel room, I’ve been doing research on local chiropractic advertising to see what’s popular in this area. I know that Dr. Gavin Carr is in the Palo Alto area but I’m not too familiar with what chiropractic offices are just outside my hotel room (Hyatt Regency on Great American Avenue), so I decided to do some online searching.

San Jose chiropractor I discovered two or three local chiropractic offices doing some PPC ad campaigns online. One of the interesting results I found was for an advertisement trying to capture people searching for the term chiropractic.

Finding chiropractor offices in the bay area wouldn’t be at all surprising, but this ad mentioned nothing about chiropractic. Instead, the ad was marketing terms such as non-surgical spinal decompression, massage, and physical therapy. I didn’t get a chance to find out if it was a chiropractic office providing decompression services, and other therapy based services such as physical therapy or massage (not tushy massage), as the ads were gone the next time I went through performing a search.

I may be wrong but from a marketing perspective I think it strange that someone would be paying for placement in the search category of chiropractic and then delivering results for non-chiropractic services. Almost seems like false advertising to me. If somebody was seeking tissue massage I would assume that’s what they’d be searching for. Same goes for spinal decompression therapy (by the way search volume is considerably low for such a term nationwide) and physical therapy.

This reminds me of ads I used to see for orthopedic surgeons targeting the term chiropractic in PPC ad campaigns. I am no longer seeing orthopedic surgery type results in chiropractor type targeted keyword searches.

Reminds me to pay closer attention to what industries may being running ad campaigns directed at potential chiropractic patients. See my posts on Chicagoland Chiropractors and West Valley Chiropractic for related local search results.

Little Steps and Going Local

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Note: I had to kill the JavaScript that was auto loading this video as it was driving me crazy. I figure everyone else coming to visit this page was probably equally being annoyed by the automatically playing audio. That stuff just drives me nuts and I didn’t wanna put anyone else through it.

Funny how things happen, I shot video of this kid and posted an article about it yesterday at 9:15pm. Less than 24 hours later she is on the local evening news in Bakersfield, being interviewed about the video.

Check out the NBC affiliate coverage on the story…

screenshot of NBC news video

Gotta love it! I don’t know how long the news story will remain on the NBC affiliate KGET web site, so it may be gone by the time you get a chance to check it out.

I’d really like you to be able to watch the video that’s available on the news website. If the page is still active, you should see it in the upper right hand corner of the news page. It features daughter of Dr. Jim Ryan, a Bakersfield chiropractor, being interviewed by the local news channel.

No idea how long the story will remain on the site, so no promises. Do check it out.

Google News rolls out local stories near you

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Google News blog yesterday announced that all news is local, with a post that explains a new feature which helps readers find local news by simply typing in a city name or zip code.

Google News local news

I caught a screenshot on my Google News page before I began searching for content in local Los Angeles.

This is just one of several new features Google News has recently added. Earlier this week, they rolled out election coverage (I didn’t save any screenshots) that was appearing on the homepage. It was spectacular and gives a taste of what’s to come as the old Google News homepage morphs into a more interconnected user experience.

Greg Sterling covers the topic in greater detail on Search Engine Land which includes a few more detailed screenshots of the localized version of Google News.

According to the news blog post the feature is still in the experimental stage and is only available in English. Looks like it has great potential.

Chicagoland Chiropractors

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m writing this post from a Hilton hotel in Tinley Park, Chicago. I wanted to share some thoughts on local search in this area and offer some tips on getting more granular in creating local based content for small businesses.

map of Orland Park Chicago

As my friends and I were driving around this weekend (in neighborhoods of Orland Park, Orland Hills, and Tinley Park), I was studying methods of outdoor marketing. When driving around areas like these (that I don’t often travel to) I find it valuable to pay attention to terms being used on billboards, signs, and other forms of outdoor advertising.

For example, I noticed several businesses using the term “Chicagoland” along with their brand name. I also saw some businesses use the term”Chi” as in Chi Town Harley-Davidson, or Chi Town Chiropractic.

I know quite a few chiropractors in the Illinois area and if I were going to do some searching for their businesses online I would not have used either of the terms Chicagoland or chi in my search queries. As I told Dr. Jeffrey Garofalo yesterday, I expect most people would search for a chiropractor in his area by typing Bolingbrook chiropractor, but if it was appropriate, I’d suggest he work the two terms mentioned above into his website content.

I don’t know this area quite so well, so using the term Chicagoland or Chi may not be beneficial to him. The point is that most communities, suburbs, and metro areas have terms they used to define geographic locations that may not be profiled online, but are popular in the consciousness of local consumers.

In describing Los Angeles, I often say I’m from LA. The west side, coastal beach area, nearby LAX (the airport), are all terms used to describe geographic locations without using names of cities or towns.

I spent some time talking to a lake in the hills chiropractor and I pointed out that the same principles apply in his community, even though he’s in a completely different suburban area of Chicago from his Bolingbrook brother.

When going granular on local search, it’s important to determine as many variations as possible, and get creative in weaving those terms into your content. I spoke a bit more about differentiating granular data in a previous West Valley chiropractic post. Browse through the local search section of this chiropractic blog for related posts.

West Valley Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Looking for a chiropractor in the West Valley? The office that wants you to find them online will need to optimize their webpage for local search so you can connect with them. I will provide some resources for offices below.

This post is about why it’s important to use granular data and be very specific with locally based information, especially when you have a business in a generalized locations such as a West Valley. This topic applies to any business promoting their products or services online. It could be a West Valley Hand Center, a West Valley plumber, or a West Valley dentist, I’m using chiropractor as that is the primary focus of this site. To follow along, replace the term “West Valley” with what ever the name of your community of interest is.

chiropractor adjusting girl So far none of this probably makes sense to you. I simply want to show you that there are many West Valley’s in the United States so you may want to expand your thinking when creating local business descriptions.

I did some searches in the field of chiropractic and came back with West Valley chiropractor results in the states of Washington, Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho. If you live in a community in a state not mentioned on that list please let me know in the comments.

In the state of California there are two areas I know of that are considered in the West Valley. The first is in Southern California and it’s the western part of the San Fernando Valley, which includes places such as Topanga Canyon and Woodland Hills (let’s give a Woodland Hills chiropractor a plug). The second location is in Northern California and it includes western parts of the San Jose area.

In Utah I noticed businesses using West Valley City and West Valley in describing their location. If it were my site I’d likely go with as many specifics as possible (West Valley City of Utah) in order to cover all my bases.

In Arizona, I believe several parts of the Phoenix area are considered in the West Valley of the Sun. I found business listings for places such as Goodyear and Glendale, Arizona. I noticed a hospital in the Maricopa County area using the term West Valley. Other Maricopa County listings appearing for West Valley searches included animal services and government flood control projects.

A tourist visiting the Las Vegas strip may not know there is a West Valley Las Vegas. Chiropractors in the Las Vegas area should be very specific when putting together their localized web page data. That same suggestion goes for dentists, cosmetic surgeons, acupuncturists, real estate agents, and all sorts of other small-business owners in the area.

Before I was done with this post I discovered there was a West Valley in Santa Clara County, another location in Northern California. Don’t know if that’s the same as the one in the San Jose area, but that’s exactly my point. Unless you provide the specific data, search engines and people like myself performing the searches, are going to have a more difficult time finding you. And I’m hoping your goal is to be found!