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Ian Grassam Chiropractic Audio 1997

I have a great chiropractic mp3 for you to listen to.

I had just finished installing a new plug-in that allowed us to incorporate audio and video podcast’s into these posts. I was searching around for some content that I may not have posted to planet chiropractic in the past and I found a most fitting talk given by Ian Grassam in 1997 that was recorded in Orange County, California at an ICA convention.

I was a chiropractic student the year Dr. Grassam gave this talk. He delivered an inspirational message that became one of the motivating factors behind moving forward to create Planet Chiropractic. 1997 was an exciting year.

Ian Grassam talks about getting oneself on purpose, health-care, sickness and disease, chiropractic philosophy, the failure of medicine, and having a reason for being. His presentation is over 50 minutes and it’s well worth listening to many times over.

Here is a brief text transcription of the first few minutes of Dr. Ian Grassam’s talk…

Something’s happening on the West Coast. There is a revolution in education on the West Coast. As we shared with the students at LACC and at Cleveland, you serve the administration, you serve the community, you serve your fellow students, you serve the patients in your clinics, you continue to serve and serve and serve and serve and serve. And pretty soon you are the master of your universe. Because if you ever choose to be master you must be servant to all. That is the price. The price is to give up yourself and realize what it is you are here for and what it is you’re trying to accomplish, and then change the world accordingly.

The students at the West Coast schools are making a major difference in their institutions. And it’s a love for this principle in chiropractic that has motivated them in that direction. They will benefit beyond all belief. Those students who at this time are serving those institutions, and their fellow students, will be the leaders that will take these meetings in the next 20 years and turn it into 10 and 15,000 people. That’s the leadership that is here today from the schools.

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…

Mp3 Download: Ian Grassam 1997 Talk

While I was converting the files over to MP3 format so I could upload them to the site, I came across the minutes from a chiropractic student meeting held days after Dr. Ian Grassam’s visit to Los Angeles, CA. Information is included here for historical purposes only…

Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles
Minutes for: Monday, February 24, 1997

  • Dr. Barge and Dr. Grassam’s visit was a success, make sure all that supported the event are thanked.
  • Give all members with problems the 800-423-4690 ICA # so they can contact Jody Hunter to resolve them.
  • Robert Mireuta is the new Tri I rep for S.I.C.A.
  • Locate motivated individuals for Tri rep positions that have not been filled.
  • We need to begin organizing efforts for the May ICA Conference.
  • Michael would like to have Dr. Grassam re-visit the campus possibly in May before the conference.
  • Reimburse Damon for film and developing costs from Dr. Grassam and Dr. Barge’s visit.
  • Luke has ordered the Dr. Reaver Video; Herbert Ross Reaver Day will be scheduled when the video comes in.
  • Michael would like to begin an S.I.C.A. Educational Lecture Series to be held once a month during lunch. Contact ICA about ordering video’s from the ICA Pediatrics Conference to begin the series.
  • Get prices on T-shirt designs for the May Conference fund raiser.
  • Contact Dr. Heagy and ICA about possibly sending new student certificates to Michael or Luke so they can be presented during events.

The latest list of officers is as follows:

Michael Dorausch, President, Tri 6 | Luke Cohen, Vice President, Tri 7 | Darrel Crain, Secretary, Tri 6 | Damon West, Sergeant at Arms, Tri 6 | Angie Welikala, Treasurer, Rep. Tri 3 | Robert Mireuta, Officer, Rep. Tri 1 | Michael Pangelinan, Officer, Rep. Tri 4

February was a great month, let’s make March even better!

CREW 2004 Chiropractic Mission Interviews

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) successfully completed their 10th worldwide chiropractic mission this past week.

This was the 9th mission to the country of Panama, a most popular location for CREW chiropractic missions, since the group was founded in 1997 by Lina and Dr. Luis Ocon. Twenty-six chiropractors from around the globe gathered on this mission that humbly served the people of Panama. Chiropractors provided upper cervical chiropractic adjustments in locations in and around Panama City, Panama, from February 1st to the 7th.

2004 panama mission chiropractors

Chiropractors provided care in banks, hospitals, medical clinics, the Canal zone, civic gymnasiums, government properties, office buildings, and pretty much any place that was large enough to accommodate the groups of people that turned out to receive free chiropractic care.

More than one million chiropractic adjustments have been provided to the people of Panama since the missions began back in 1997.

I recorded several interviews with chiropractors during the trip, and have converted the recordings to mp3 so you can listen to them here.

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Audio will also be transcribed and a link provided as well.