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Tushy Massage and Naked Yoga

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While many are seeking alternative health care, many others still have their minds in the gutter.

I was doing some search engine keyword research today in preparation for an article regarding the popularity of terms related to chiropractic and words chiropractors are accustomed to using. While the article was focused on chiropractic centric terms, I decided to research some terms that would commonly come up in alternative fields of health care. The results say something interesting about what’s being searched on the Internet.

One of the non-chiropractic terms I searched was massage, which according to the reports I viewed, is a very popular search term. I was expecting to find related terms such as neuromuscular, therapeutic, and sports. Instead, among the most popular search terms were erotic massage, prostate massage, breast massage, Asian massage and tushy massage. I think in this case “tushy” means butt, although it could have a meaning I’m not aware of.

Those were the most popular terms and there were many more. While I’m not going to include the entire list, some of the cleaner popular searches were Tantric, sex, sexy, happy ending, boob, butt (not as popular as tushy), and hot girl.

Why do I even bring this up? I hear the term massage used several times a day. People are often asking me what I think about massage, should they get a massage, is massage beneficial, etc. I’ve recommended a number of well-respected therapeutic massage businesses in the Los Angeles area, and I even suggested some people go online and perform some searches. I may need to reassess that approach.

While respectable businesses featuring massage have been working hard to maintain a good reputation, I can’t say I’m too surprised with the results, although I didn’t expect to see the number of explicit results than I did.

I also checked up on the term Yoga which is popular, but not anywhere near as popular as the term massage. Among the top 10 most popular results were the terms nude yoga, naked yoga, yoga sex, and yoga porn. To be fair, also in popular results were yoga poses, yoga mats, yoga DVD, and yoga clothing. Seems clear that two specifically different audiences are performing yoga related searches.

Just in case there was some form of adult related searches showing up related to chiropractic, I looked again. The only thing one could consider pornographic (especially if you are a straight chiropractor) was the term chiropractic medicine.