Category Changes Coming to Chiropractic Classifieds

Thank you to everyone that has been making use of the chiropractic classifieds on Planet Chiropractic. I got some really good feedback from chiropractors that have been using the system nearly 10 years while I was attending the CCA Parker Seminar event in San Diego. Work is regularly done on the classified ad system but it’s not something users usually notice, that’s about to change.

Modifications that are expected to be live by June of this year include improved browser compatibilities, improvements over the scaling and display of uploaded image files, and several modifications in database functions. Most users rarely notice changes like these but they are essential in improving functionality for the classified ad system. Depending on how nice summer is in Los Angeles this year, we will be introducing an entirely new layout for categories. That is something nearly every regular classified ad user will notice.

14 categories of classifiedsAs of today, there are 14 main classified ad categories, with 78 subcategories. When the classified ad system was first created we didn’t have any ads posted. Thanks to our users, we can easily see which categories are the most popular, which categories are the least popular, and which categories are often misused or contain misplaced advertisements.

We’re currently working behind the scenes on a category system that will feature 6 to 8 main categories, which means at least six primary categories will be phased out. That doesn’t mean users will have less options overall as the subcategories will be expanded from 78 to at least 100. The goal is to provide a long overdue improved hierarchy of places to post ads.

The 14 current categories are…

  1. Chiropractic Practices for Sale
  2. Associates
  3. Commercial Chiropractic Products for Sale
  4. Private Party Chiropractic Products for Sale
  5. Computer Hardware and Software
  6. Employment Opportunities
  7. Commercial Equipment for Sale
  8. Equipment for Sale by a Private Party
  9. Financial Services
  10. Income Opportunities
  11. Internet and Web Related Services
  12. Office Space for Rent
  13. Substitutions and Locum Positions
  14. XYZ And Everything Else

I won’t get into the list of 78 subcategories here, as we are currently still finalizing decisions on which categories are going to make it to the final 6 (or possibly 8).

Chiropractic practices for sale, listings for associates, and equipment for sale have been the three most popular categories. The commercial equipment for sale and equipment for sale by private party will become a single category. Those posting will be identified as a vendor, dealer, distributor, or private party (such as a chiropractor selling an adjusting table).

Chiropractic products being sold will follow a similar format, and will be merged into a single category, with options for users to sort by private party versus vendor and/or distributor.

The categories for associates, employment opportunities, as well as substitutions and locum positions, will likely be merged into a single job listings category, that will include several subcategories. Since the classified ad system launched in the 1990s, chiropractors have been hiring more acupuncturists, massage therapists, x-ray technicians, and other employees besides chiropractic associates, office managers, and chiropractic assistants. Subcategory expansion will include listings for all of these job opportunities and more. We’re also working on various ways users can post attachments like a curriculum vitae in PDF or other formats, as well as multiple photos per ad posted.

With more than 3000 advertisements currently posted related to employment, I feel the jobs related categories are the ones that will receive the most attention over the summer, hopefully helping many more find employment in the chiropractic industry.

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