Here’s a list of Advanced Chiropractic Insurance Seminars being provided for California Chiropractors from January to March 2013. Check the Chiropractic Seminars pages for dates beyond March 2013. Search HJ ROSS.

2013 HJ Ross Advanced Chiropractic Insurance SeminarsNew workers compensation laws and regulations affecting chiropractors in 2013

  • How to be authorized for care when not in the MPN
  • New lien filing regulations
  • Independent Medical Review will now determine medical necessity – know what they are requiring to use and what we need to provide authorized care
  • Updated language to the 24 visit rule in chiropractic
  • Late payment laws updated and shortened
  • New QME regulations

Coding 2013

  • ICD9 and ICD10 for today and for the future
  • CPT 2013 updates and specific physical medicine definitions
  • HCPCS 2013 (supplies and supports)

Medicare – New Carrier, Noridian is taking over

  • Updated secondary diagnosis & Noridian Chiropractic Policy
  • 2013 Fee and deductible updates
  • New addresses and phone numbers

Health Care Reform and Essential Health Benefits

  • California updates and where chiropractic fits

Updated coding and policy payments for chiropractic and physical medicine

  • Blue Shield/Blue Cross
  • United Health Care / Optum Health
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • ASH
  • Chiropractic Health Plan California

Audit Compliance

  • HIPAA – Are you up-to-date and compliant in managing social networking and Groupon
  • Insure your documentation meets minimum standards and avoid medical necessity denials and post payment refunds

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Acute, Chronic, Passive & Active care – follow the guides reviewers use
  • Functional assessments – What it means and how to demonstrate it
  • Documentation – SOAP and Outcome assessments
  • New and updated outcome assessment forms that justify and document the success of your treatment

Personal Injury Updates

  • Personal injury checklist to evaluate strength of claim
  • Constructing a claim from diagnosis to prognosis
  • 3 factors you must address for settlement
  • What to do regarding common denials for treatment
  • Steps you must do to insure full payment
  • Step-by-step protocol for dealing with an attorney who requests a reduction


  • Cash and time of service discounts
  • Pre-Payment Plans
  • What is legal and allowable in California

Pricing: First Person
$199 – Super Early Bird (30 days advance registration)
$245 – Early Bird (10 days advance registration)
$275 – Advance Registration
$310 – At the door

Additional Staff (no-ceus) $150

*All Seminars are approved for 8 CA CEUs
100% refund 30 days before the seminar start date.
Credit only after 30 days of the seminar start date.

San Diego – January 17, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For San Diego California
Los Angeles – January 19, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Los Angeles California
San Jose – January 24, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For San Jose California
San Francisco – January 26, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For San Francisco California
Sacramento – February 2, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Sacramento California
Pasadena – March 28, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Pasadena California
Fresno – March 28, 2013 – HJ Ross Advanced Insurance Seminar For Fresno California

Please join us at any H.J. Ross Seminar for a Free “Lunch & Learn” Session (ask about details when calling to register).