Marketing Practices Equipment For Sale Chiro MidWeek Ads

Hey hey, it’s the end of May, and there’s plenty of chiropractic classifieds getting placed each and everyday. Practices for sale, adjusting tables for sale, chiropractors hiring associates, and plenty of people seeking employment in the chiropractic workspace. Whether you are placing ads or browsing ads, there’s something new added on a daily basis, and it may be just the thing that you are looking for. Here’s a summary of select recent ads placed in the past few days.

Chiropractic Employment and Job Classifieds

Dozens of practices for sale, patient education systems, chiropractic adjusting tables, and x-ray equipment appearing in new chiropractic classifieds placed in the last week. There’s also more than 200 chiropractic job posts for positions such as associates wanted and Associates available. If you’re seeking chiropractic employment, it’s a no-brainer to get a free post added to the Associates category.

Jobs and Practices Push Classified Ad Activity

Sometimes things don’t get used as you thought they would. Something truly interesting about the chiropractic classifieds on Planet Chiropractic has been the number of jobs posted during the past year. While the position of chiropractor or chiropractic associate is a common one, jobs for medical doctors, chiropractic assistants, xray technicians, school faculty, online marketing managers, inhouse local search marketers, massage therapists, and others have been appearing in ads more frequently these past 365ish days. Pretty awesome to think people are getting hired from ads their finding on the site. Not that jobs are the only category, we received a happy email today from an office that sold all their x-ray equipment, which made several parties happy.

Combating Fraud Associated With Selling Online

Selling stuff online always involves some level of risk. There are steps to take which can help minimize those risks, but individuals seeking to unfairly profit are constantly applying new methods to old techniques, in hopes of defrauding people out of their items and money. Having operated a popular chiropractic classified advertising web site for more than 10 years, we’ve seen our fair share of those attempting to defraud people when items are for sale. Fortunately, the user community has grown more knowledgeable, developing an increased level of awareness, for what is potentially fraudulent activity, or an online cyber scam. The cyber neighborhood watch group has done an impressive job in rooting out the worms and bad apples.