Medical Doctor Ron Paul Swine Flu Vaccine Video

Worldwide news regarding swine flu doesn’t appear to be dying down much in the upcoming week. While deaths have been reported in the state of Mexico, increasing numbers of people dying from swine flu infection have not been yet reported in other parts of the world. Vice president Joe Biden commented on television last week that he would urge his family to stay off commercial airliners, subways, and crowded spaces, to avoid coming in contact with those infected with swine flu. The travel industry was outraged by the remarks, and the White House has apparently apologized for his comments (although his suggestion sounded like basic common sense advice offered by someone who cares about their family). Another person in Washington last week had comments regarding the Swine Flu.

Chiropractic Searches include Candace Michelle and Ron Paul

Chances are you have a web site, but do you take the time to regularly check log files and statistics to see what kinds of terms are being searched that bring people to your website? For a site about chiropractic you may expect searches like back pain, headaches, scoliosis, and even spinal decompression to be popular. Over the years I found that’s not always the case, and sometimes the most popular searches are for terms that may appear to have nothing to do with your primary topic. If you’re not checking your log files, you may never know if that’s the case for your site or blog.

Ron Paul Plans Alternative Convention in Minnesota

The Republican presidential candidate that so many people would love to see just go away, is back in the press. According to news reports the Ron Paul campaign has reserved a University Arena in Minnesota, and there are plans to hold a separate convention gathering during the national GOP convention in September. According to Paul campaign spokesperson Jessie Benton, the event is expected to be a celebration of Republican values and it’s also intended to send a message to the GOP that it’s time for Republicans to return to their roots of limited government and personal responsibility.

Ron Paul on Immunization and Vaccines

The topic of vaccines and aggressive vaccination policies is no longer a subject discussed only amongst small groups of people. It’s a topic that’s made its way to mainstream media and television. In many cases, proponents of mass vaccination are continually portrayed as saviors of the people, while those wanting greater transparency from government and big Pharma, are shown to appear as unscientific cultists, radicalists and fanatics, and uneducated religious nuts. Then there is Ron Paul.

Addicted to Ron Paul

Don’t expect to read an article like this in the mainstream media. In the past three months internet supporters of 2008 presidential hopeful Ron Paul have worked tirelessly to push the Texas congressman’s website into the status of most popular among all those in the race for the 2008 US presidency. Had I not performed the research and recorded the data back in September of 2007, I may not have believed what I discovered today, people are increasingly becoming addicted to the Ron Paul Revolution.

Ron Paul Revolution in Tempe Arizona

Supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution were evangelizing out on the streets of Tempe this past weekend, while thousands were in town for the ASU vs. Washington Huskies game at Sun Devils Stadium. It started online and now it’s moving into the physical world, I’m beginning to see this guy’s name in more places and I’m recognizing someone is doing a hell of a job at getting the message out.