1.5 Million Americans Harmed Each Year by Medication Mistakes

PillsA report out this week from the US Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimates that 1.5 million Americans are being injured each year as a result of prescribing mistakes related to medications. The errors are costing more than $3.5 billion each year. The report also suggests that 7000 people continue to die each year as a result of wrongly prescribed or errors related to medications.

Child Control & the Chemical Straightjacket

Chemical Straightjacket PillsHave you ever wondered who originally came up with the cruel idea of placing thirty children in a single school classroom day after day, week after week, with only one adult in charge? If you have observed a classroom in session, you know for certain that the majority of the children, particularly the boys, are just barely able to keep a lid on their natural instincts to leap out of their chairs and yell crazy stuff at the top of their lungs while hurling erasers, tennis shoes and apple cores at the girls.

U.S. GAO seeks more info on drug errors

The General Accounting Office is the investigative arm of Congress. GAO’s mission is to help the Congress oversee federal programs and operations to assure accountability to the American people. A two-year study by the U.S. GAO has concluded that adverse drug events, complications or even deaths due to mistakes in the prescribing or use of drugs, is a serious problem, but is impossible to measure because of a lack of information.