Getting well beyond medicine

News reports have pointed to the rising price of drugs as the major reason medical care costs people an arm and a leg these days. Medications used as directed are recognized as a leading cause of preventable death each year. The medical literature tells us that many current, standard drug protocols are linked to the rise of chronic illness and autoimmune disorders in our country.

Study: Low Back Pain Military Patients Receiving Chiropractic Care

Patients with acute low back pain receiving a combination of chiropractic manipulative therapy and standard medical care experienced a statistically and clinically significant reduction in their back pain and improved physical functioning when compared to those receiving standard medical care alone, reports an article in the April 15 issue of Spine.

6 Months Highlighted Seminars for Chiropractic 2008

Happy 2008! A new year means new conference and seminar schedules for the health-care industry of chiropractic. Professional events for chiropractors are held worldwide and there’s lots of opportunity to attend a number of great conferences this year. I’ve compiled a brief list of known upcoming events taking place during the month of January 2008 along with some general information regarding attendance.