Medical Doctor Ron Paul Swine Flu Vaccine Video

Worldwide news regarding swine flu doesn’t appear to be dying down much in the upcoming week. While deaths have been reported in the state of Mexico, increasing numbers of people dying from swine flu infection have not been yet reported in other parts of the world. Vice president Joe Biden commented on television last week that he would urge his family to stay off commercial airliners, subways, and crowded spaces, to avoid coming in contact with those infected with swine flu. The travel industry was outraged by the remarks, and the White House has apparently apologized for his comments (although his suggestion sounded like basic common sense advice offered by someone who cares about their family). Another person in Washington last week had comments regarding the Swine Flu.

Poor evidence to support flu vaccine effectiveness

A highly respected vaccine expert has called for an “urgent” reevaluation of vaccine campaigns related to the flu shot. According to the expert, Tom Jefferson, there is little clinical evidence that shows the flu vaccine has any effect on things like hospital stays, time off of work, death in healthy adults, and even adults suffering from conditions such as cystic fibrosis and asthma.