Tel Aviv Chiropractor Serves in Sderot Israel

Dr. Ronen Mendi, a chiropractor in Israel, travels to the South District to provide care to children and their families in the city of Sderot. The city is located less than a mile from Gaza and has been an ongoing target of Qassam rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. The article was converted from Hebrew to English and originally appeared in Israeli local news on August 4th.

1895 to 2007 Marks 112 Years of Chiropractic Vocabulary

According to historical reports, September 18, 1895 is the day Daniel David Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment, which took place in Davenport Iowa. It was not long after that day that Palmer needed a name for his developing science. The Reverend Samuel Henry Weed, born in Indiana in 1843, is credited with creating the word chiropractic, around the time of January 1896.

Medication Nation – Sleep makes the grade

The struggle to discover new ways to raise our students’ test scores has become a primary focus in schools all across the land. All manner of innovation is being tried to see what works. Special teaching programs with special books, elaborate computer and video instruction, even weekend retreats – we keep scrambling to kick the numbers up just one more notch!

Do you have to be a health nut to be healthy?

The medical approach to health has come to dominate the field of primary health services in our country over the span of the last half-century or so. It goes like this. First, the doctor identifies and lists all the clinical signs and symptoms exhibited by the patient. Second, the resulting list is compared to named diseases and their lists of signs and symptoms. These are then matched up and the patient gets labeled with one or more diseases. Third, the doctor prescribes a treatment to cure the diagnosed disease. Almost universally, this consists of taking medication, due to the underlying philosophy of medicine. When you are ill, you take a pill.

US life expectancy falls below that of most wealthy nations

American medicine was publicly flogged recently because life expectancy in our country falls below that of most wealthy nations. This is totally unfair. I don’t think we should blame the medical industry for our lifespan. Medicine in the United States is doing everything in its power to fight death. Heck, we spend twice as much per person on medical care than any other country.