Mission Life International 2009 Chiropractic Trips

Mission-Chiropractic is currently leading mission trips to Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ethiopia and Ghana. Mission-Chiropractic brings chiropractic to third world countries and to places where chiropractic has no presence. Mission Life International is a 501-C3 non-profit organization providing donations, vitamins, minerals, eyeglasses, shoes and many other life essentials and humanitarian type relief to the poor and suffering people of third world countries We are adding chiropractic to their efforts and need your help.

Daniel David Palmer and Chiropractic Founders Day 2008

A trip to the medical doctor in September of 1895 could involve the taking of medicines such as calomel (mercury chloride) or tarter emetic to induce vomiting or create a laxative effect, or if one suffered a cough, a dose of opium could calm it quick. Blood letting, forced vomiting, and the ingestion of arsenic and strychnine were common approaches to the ills and pains of the day. The laying on of hands to vertebrae; in allowing the sick to get well naturally, and preventing the well from getting sick, was to become far more popular in the days and years that followed a single thrust made by one magnetic healer 113 years ago today.