California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes Senate Bill 801

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has stepped forward on behalf of sound public policy and acted in the best interests of the chiropractic profession and the public by vetoing the dangerous and disruptive Senate Bill 801. This legislation would have dramatically revised the way in which the chiropractic profession is regulated in the nation’s largest state, and would have placed a measure on the June 2008 election ballot for consideration by statewide voters, with election costs funded by the state’s chiropractic licensing fees.

Schwarzenegger Signs Global Warming Bill in California

According to the governor’s office, the State of California is the 12th largest source of greenhouse gases in the world. Environmentalists for months have been collecting postcards signed by concerned Californians to send to the governor urging him to sign this legislation. The legislation is known as AB-32, the global warming solutions act of 2006. Some environmentalists are calling it a landmark event as the legislation can be adopted by other states and the federal government.