Whiners and Wienies – Dr. Rick Wren

We just got back from a wonderful Parker Seminar in Dallas. It was high energy and enthusiastic. It started out on Thursday with Nationally known Ed Foreman. He discussed, “Life is for Loving, Laughing, and Living not for Whining and Worrying.” Then we closed out Saturday evening with Philip McGraw Ph.D.., who is known from is many appearances on “Oprah.” He discussed “Winners Vs. Losers.”

Parker Seminars Las Vegas Hosts Largest Event in Chiropractic

Each year DCs and CAs from around the globe travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the largest chiropractic seminar in the world-Parker Seminars Las Vegas. This past week, more than 5,300 Parker Seminar attendees flocked to the fresh and exciting line-up of courses designed to improve chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and chiropractic students.

Parker Seminars Las Vegas January 2012

Parker Seminars is taking place in Las Vegas on January 19-21, 2012. The three day chiropractic extravaganza will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino, located just off the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and easily accessible via the Las Vegas Monorail. Parker Seminars Vegas is the world’s largest chiropractic seminar and it’s a great way to get started on developing yourself in the new year.

Parker Seminars Holds Second Largest Seminar of the Year

Parker Seminars held its second largest seminar in Dallas, Texas where more than 1,500 chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and chiropractic students from around the world attended. Parker Seminars has a decades-long tradition of excellence in chiropractic education and information, presenting topics from chiropractic technique and business practices to health, wellness, philosophy, and success principles.

Prospective Chiropractic Student Has Questions

Questions about functions on the Planet Chiropractic website and concerns regarding the future of healthcare reimbursement in the United States, something I received via e-mail and I thought would be good to share on the site. A visitor writes… “I found your site via Google. First, To bring to your attention, there is a problem with your site when I click on “chiropractic schools”. When I click on it, a FATAL ERROR screen appears. I’ve attempted to click on that link on numerous computers and have gotten the same FATAL ERROR screen numerous times. So I’m thinking the problem may be on your end.”

Halloween Mischief and The Office

Tomorrow is Halloween and hopefully your chiropractor won’t be wearing any of these five dangerous choices of Halloween costumes. And by the way doctors, being lazy and pulling out your old clinic stethoscope and dressing like a nutty surgeon or MD, is probably a bad choice as well. For those that practice on Friday, hope you’re planning to have some good fun on the 31st.

August and September Chiropractic Seminar Updates

Not many chiropractic conferences or seminars seem to take place during the month of July, as it is primarily a time for family and summer fun. The months of August and September feature several big seminars and conferences taking place throughout the United States. Locations like Dallas, New Jersey, Arizona, and California will all be host to events focused on chiropractic fellowship and education.

Subluxation Intelligence and Objective Principles of Energy Healing

I thought I’d share some articles from the past on topics such as subluxation, healing, energy, retracing, innate intelligence, objectivism and faith in chiropractic. Following is an assortment of articles organized in no particular fashion, authored by chiropractors and chiropractic assistants (and maybe even a chiropractic student or two), during the past decade or so