Parker Alumni Association to Recognize Chiropractic Leaders

The Parker Alumni Association will present their annual awards at a luncheon held during the Parker Homecoming celebration on Friday, October 26. Awards will be presented to four noteworthy individuals who have impacted the chiropractic profession including: Dr. Rose Lepien,’91, Dr. James DeShazo,’95, Dr. Neil Gardner, ’09, and Dr. Jose Negron,’11.

Parker Alumni Association to Recognize Doctors with Awards

The Parker Alumni Association will present the 2011 Parker Alumni Association Annual Awards during the Alumni Association Awards Luncheon held during the Parker Homecoming celebration on Friday, October 21. Awards will be presented to four noteworthy individuals who have impacted the chiropractic profession including Dr. Francis X. Murphy ’95, Dr. Aleisha Serrano ’06, Dr. Homero Cavazos ’08, and Dr. Jack Donovan.

Parker Alumni Association Makes First Donation to Parker University

The Parker Alumni Association became the first donor to the newly renamed, Parker University, when the association presented a $5,000 check during a recent board of trustees meeting on campus. Dr. Vincent Scheffler ’07, president of Parker Alumni Association presented the check to Mr. Bill Nardiello, chairman of the Parker University Board of Trustees and Dr. Fabrizio Mancini ’90, president of Parker University, on behalf of its members.

Parker University Presents Scholarships to Students

DALLAS — Parker University College of Chiropractic recently presented $23,000 in scholarships to 18 students. The scholarships committee comprised of Parker faculty, staff, students, and alumni, select recipients based on anonymous applications, the student’s financial need, academic achievements, character, extracurricular participation, leadership, and more. The students were presented one of six types of scholarships including corporate partner, leadership, alumni, memorial, Parker Alumni Association, and endowment scholarships.

Parker Alumni Association Reaches 200 Lifetime Member Milestone

Parker College of Chiropractic held a homecoming and class reunion reception during Parker Seminars Dallas where they recognized each Parker Alumni Association Lifetime Member for their recent achievement in reaching 200 members. Parker thanked each Lifetime Member for their continual support of Parker College’s Alumni Association. Helping to achieve the milestone, Dr. EJ Raven ’02 received special recognition for becoming the 200th member. Dr. Raven currently practices in Park City, Utah.

Parker Alumni Association Makes Final Payment to Largest Donation in History

The Parker Alumni Association presented a check of 5,000 dollars to Parker College of Chiropractic to fulfill its final payment of the 25,000 dollar pledge made in 2008. Not only was the donation the largest in the association’s history, the donation was paid off two years earlier than expected which helped renovate a lounge and classroom space for the chiropractic interns.

Parker Chiropractic President for a Day Event

Parker College of Chiropractic president, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, swapped roles for a day with a Tri-Four Parker student, Steven Chalk. Chalk was selected to serve as President for a Day where he attended all the meetings that Dr. Mancini would normally attend, and Dr. Mancini attended classes, labs, clinic training, and activities that Chalk would normally attend.