Month: February 2020

Coronavirus Chiropractic Contingency and Exposure Plan

By Harry Engel

If you have employees or patients, it is prudent to create a set of action and contingency plans to protect the staff, your patients and your practice from the Coronavirus.  Even though we’re exposed to viruses every day as patients come in and out of our offices, and yet we don’t get sick, this Coronavirus seems to be different from the flu.  Hopefully it is more benign.  As doctors, we have our philosophies of health.  As business owners, we need to be prudent about managing risks and protecting the business.  The following is an actual plan developed for a multi doctor clinic in California: 

Our plan of action has 3 separate elements:  A plan to protect our staff. A plan to protect our patients.  A plan to protect the practice. 

Inherently, we understand that there is a scientific and emotional component to managing the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Making sure your employees and patients FEEL safe is just as important as making sure they are safe.

face down on chiropractic table

We identified the following key points:

  • There is a very good chance that the virus will impact our community.
  • Data on this virus is not reliable.  There are a number of indicators.  Governments slant the data.  Media uses it to increase their traffic.  We are liking independent sources like Virology Down Under.
  • Even though the mortality rate will most likely be substantially lower here than it is in other countries, just one fatality from our clinic would impact us in a horrid way.
  • It seems like the most vulnerable are the elderly, very young and those with weak or compromised immune systems.
  • The hysteria will most likely be worse than the virus, comparatively speaking, particularly when you look at deaths from other sources.
  • As the virus hit pandemic levels in communities in other parts of the world, we have seen complete shutdown of industry, education and travel.  People have chosen not to be in spaces where there are other people.
    • If this occurred in our community we could see a substantial drop in patients venturing out in public.
  • Symptoms mimic the flu: fever, cough and difficulty breathing.
  • Cal-Osha (California Worker Safety Board) has decreed we need a plan
    • Written Exposure Control Plan and Procedures.
  • As business owners we need a plan.  As Doctors we need to know how to make sure our patients are properly cared for.  If the virus fails to cause us issues, we have been prudent, and perhaps helped a few people avoid the flu.

Protecting the staff:

  1. Identify staff that have weak immune systems.
    1. These employees should not show up to work.  
    2. We need to better understand if they can collect unemployment, disability or if we need to keep them on payroll.
  2. Be vigilant to patients that may carry the virus.  Notify management/Doctor immediately.
  3. Identify potential exposures, evaluating the cause, determine who was exposed, provide care as needed, improve procedures as we learn.
  4. Educate the staff:
    1. Signs and symptoms
    2. Protection process
    3. Protection equipment, proper use, handling, disposal, limitations
    4. Activities that may cause exposure
  5. Physical protection.
    1. Monitor staff temperatures – if they have a fever they go home.
    2. Masks.  
      1. The CDC and others seem to indicate that masks do not offer significant protection
      2. Masks may actually increase risk.
      3. Masks will provide some protection against spreading the virus if the person wearing the mask has the virus
      4. Masks will show the public that we are doing something, so they offer emotional support.
      5. We will make them available to the staff who desire to wear them.
    3. Antimicrobial wipes.
      1. We’ve ordered wipes for patients to use, to minimize the spreading of the virus by touch.
      2. Wipes can also be used by staff to sanitize as necessary.
    4. Hand sanitizer stations.
      1. Front Desk
      2. Doctors area
      3. Therapy
    5. Anti-Microbial Spray
      1. Spray bottles in all staff areas.
    6. Provide the doctors with stylus so that they don’t need to touch the touch screens.
    7. Ultraviolet lighting
      1. Still in the research stage, but seems to be prudent, and cost effective.
        1. Installed in the AC system
        2. Installed in the patient bathroom with a timer/photo sensor so that they turn for a period of time on every time the light goes out, and turn off when the light is turned back on.
    8. Essential oils
      1. We know we’ll get flack for this, but it’s been on our list for a while to have a scent for the office.
      2. Thieves oil has a reputation for killing viruses as do other oils.
  6. Prevention:
    1. Build the immune system.
      1. No Sugar!  No honey, corn syrup or any other sugar.  That means read the labels, because there’s tons of sugar in processed foods.  And that means no alcohol.
      2. 1,000 units vit C daily
      3. 5,000 units Vit D daily.  If they haven’t been taking it, start with a heavy dose for the first week to kick start.
      4. Get adjusted.
      5. Keep taking other immune supports like chlorella, probiotics.
    2. Educate staff on how to avoid contact and spreading of the virus.
      1. Wash
      2. Sanitize
      3. Elbow sneeze
      4. Do not touch the face
      5. Be cognizant of what you are touching.
    3. Make sure their household is prepared with adequate supplies of food, water, medicines/supplements and hygiene tools.  
    4. Educate their children and others living in their homes.
  7. What to do if you start feeling like crap.
    1. Notify manager
    2. Go home
    3. Stay home until the office manager agrees that you can come back.
    4. Take oil of oregano
    5. Consider Oscillococcinum homeopathic remedy
    6. High doses of vitamin C, follow the protocol on the handout.
    7. Colloidal silver
    8. Lauricidin
    9. Follow medical advice.
    10. Be aware that going to the ER or Urgent care might expose you to the virus, which could be a problem if your symptoms are perhaps related to the flu or other condition.

Protecting Patients:

  1. Educate patients that they are responsible for their own health.  Teach them how to protect themselves, their families and friends.  Use our Staff plan as the basis for their education.
    1. Dry erase boards
    2. Handouts
    3. Workshops
    4. Social media
  2. Provide antimicrobial wipes for them to use to wipe the face section of the table and any other sections of the table they desire to wipe, as well as any electronics they may touch.
  3. Leave the front door open if weather permits so patients don’t have to touch the handles (and improve air cirulation).
  4. Regularly spray sections of the office that patients come in contact with.
  5. Explain our plan so they understand we are taking action to protect them.

Protecting the Practice.  

  1. The practice needs to survive the following scenarios:
    1. Substantial drop in patient visits
    2. Substantial decrease in staffing (Doctors and staff)
    3. Unknown length of time for the practice to recover
  2. As patient volume drops
    1. Overhead must drop congruently and immediately.
      1. Temporary Layoffs, doctors and staff
      2. Cutting expenses 
      3. Negotiate overhead wherever possible
    2. This will be dynamic


This posted document is a work in action.  We’ve shared it with our staff.  We have ordered supplies.  We are educating our patients.

Living in Harmony with Coronavirus

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In nearly 25 years of chiropractic practice I’ve yet to miss a day in the office due to illness. This isn’t a brag, it’s not boastfulness, and I’m not saying I won’t die. I am fully aware of the impermanence of my flesh, and I know my physical death will come.

What this is, is my truth. I don’t expect anyone to eat as I do, live as I do, or talk as I do. I mention this now as I hear more people speak (think) of Coronavirus.

I’ve long lost count of how many people have asked if I’ve had a flu vaccine, or other vaccines (as I’ve traveled extensively providing chiropractic care to people and animals in other countries). The answer has always been the same.

vibration attuning

I’ve been asked what types of medications I would take and what nutritional supplements I consume. This answer too has always been the same.

This is not about me, I hesitate to even share the following, for concern of misunderstanding and disbelief. I ask no one to believe anything. This is how I live.

Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutrition, Chiropractic Care

My heart is at peace with all of creation. To me, that means I have no desire to battle anything (including you), at anytime. I am at peace with the seen as well as the unseen. Viruses and bacteria are not out to get me, if I become a host to their environment, it’s nothing personal.

As a chiropractor who adjusts the cervical spine mostly supine, I make close face to face contact with people each day.

For years people have coughed in my face, apologizing for the cold or flu they have, or are getting over. I’ve never said this, but it’s like them apologizing for having dirty feet, when I am here to wash them.

That’s my number one, my purpose to serve is bigger than anything else known.

I eat a mostly raw and primarily plant based diet (but haven’t always). My main philosophy is to eat minimal to no commercially made products (things with more than one ingredient). I consume little to no sugar and barely drink alcohol.

I eat with gratitude (as maximal as possible) and without emotion (as minimal as possible).

I meditate on what I consume. I give thanks to the food, I give thanks to those who harvest it, I give thanks to those who transport it, I give thanks to those who brought it to market. I do my best to visualize the families of those who have provided me with this nutrition, and I wish them and their family my deepest gratitude.

For example: I visualize a big rig truck driver sitting at dinner with their family, eating with money provided somehow connected to the purchases I make. I visualize them being healthy, prosperous and safe. I visualize the family gathered together in a state of joy. This takes only seconds to do.

So for me, it’s not only what I eat, but what I think about what I eat.

I see my chiropractor at least two times per week. I don’t expect everyone else to do this, I don’t even expect other chiropractors to do this, it’s just what I do and have done for more than 20 years.

Isn’t that supposed to be my number one? Nope. My truth tells me that if I had 100% mindfulness manifesting in matter, there’d be no interference to correct. I’m not there yet.

I do daily practices to be mindful of my thoughts. I hold no hate for anyone or anything. I watch no television. I participate in nearly zero social media. I have no gym membership.

When not in the office I shovel dirt, chop wood, and carry water. I live on large acreage and can be up at 4 am doing morning chores. It’s not uncommon that I’m in bed asleep before 8 pm.

I meditate about as many hours a day as the average person watches television.

Ultimately, it’s not the chiropractic care, it’s not the nutrition, it’s not the meditation, and not even the mindfulness. It’s rather paradoxical, and yet it is.

I wish you boundless health, and I wish you everlasting happiness.

How My Dog Taught Me Walking Meditation

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

People increasingly ask me what kind of mediation I practice. While I don’t have a formal name to describe my methods, I have combined (and modified) a number of techniques over the past several years.

Thanks to a furry angel in my life, I currently incorporate an ancient sacred paw method of contemplative walking forest mediation. Here’s a story of a meditation master and her student.

About 7 years ago I moved from the city of Los Angeles to the Southern edge of the Sequoia National Forest in Kern County, California. I had 3 aging Labrador retrievers at the time, two yellows, and the youngest one a chocolate lab named Jubilee.

Chocolate Labrador with Stick

Jubilee was my everywhere dog, she traveled with me on commutes to my chiropractic office near Venice Beach.

Back in the forest, she was incredibly fond of walking the numerous deer trails that crossed our land. Our routine was to get up at 5 am, have breakfast, and go for our first morning walk. Jubilee would always lead the way.

Jubilee had a method of choosing what trail to walk (and when) that was only known to her, I just followed along. Deer, coyotes, bear, lions and bobcats used the trails at night, providing her much sense stimulation during the day.

About the same time I moved to the forest’s edge, I had increased my mediation practice to 3 times per day. Initially, I found myself eager (impatience) to get these “dog walks” over with so I could get back home and sit in silent meditation.

Slowing her pace, or stopping for a long sniffing session, Jubilee had no part of it. She’d occasionally turn and give me a “we’re not done” look and then continue on deeper into the woods. My frustration always ended in loving surrender.

We did this 3 times a day, without fail. I could be chopping wood or shoveling dirt midday and she’d walk up to me with that “let’s go” look. I’d stop what I was doing and we’d head off into the woods, only to repeat the routine again before sunset.

Sometimes we were gone for an hour. I’d be in the forest, following this crazy dog to nowhere, bending my body under bushes and branches, along trails made by four legged forest dwellers. When it was time to turn back she’d change direction and head for home. I followed.

One day I decided to carry my mala beads and repeat a silent chant while we walked the forest. Up to this point I had been doing “bead meditation” every morning for about 15 minutes, usually sitting in a chair or on the edge of a couch.

As my methods progressed, I became aware that the words used during my walking morning chant were “playing” in my head (like the last song you’ve heard) regardless of what I was doing. This continued long after the walking meditation was over. Old thought patterns became chant patterns, and chant patterns became new thought patterns. I began to hear thought far more clearly (or differently) than before.

After several months of this practice, I eventually graduated into a contemplative state while in walking meditation. I was aware that Jubilee knew something that I didn’t, or that I wasn’t seeing. This led to an awakening in relationship to all the wildlife of the forest, and the forest itself. My eyes (and ears) tuned.

Late February 2019 a big storm came through on a Saturday night. Sunday morning Jubilee was eager to hit the path, even though she was near 14 years old and her daily pace had slowed significantly. On this particular morning she practically bounced about while returning from our walk, grabbing a stick along the way and trudging through our flooded muddy driveway (see above photo), on the way back to the house.

As Jubilee aged, I’d watched her struggle along the path (as she had watched me), but on this day she was celebrating life like I hadn’t witnessed before. Back in Los Angeles two days later, while another thunder and lightning storm electrified our atmosphere, Jubilee passed away.

It was several days till I was home in the forest, placing her cremated remains in a jar on the porch (next to the other dogs), and hanging an engraved “Jubilee” wind chime a patient gave to me after hearing of her passing.

As the wind blew softly the chimes began to sing, and a “let’s walk” voice resonated the air. I began walking along a trail into the woods, silently with thoughts of love and jubilation for all the angels in my life. I was about a mile in when I simultaneously became aware of deciding to turn back, and the presence of my dog looking back at me from further up the trail, signaling to keep going.

Like the snake and the rope (absolute reality and the reality we see), I could see Jubilee on the trail ahead, and I continued on. I bent under the branches of an oak tree and stood to face a mule deer buck paused mid step and staring back at me.

The eyes with which I saw this deer, were the same eyes that looked back at me, we both just stood and gazed. At some point I waved and he decided that was too much movement, he turned and hurried off.

While returning home I was aware of a pull back to known reality, while my now fading from sight dog walked by my side saying “that’s what I’ve been trying to show you.”

By the time I was home my meditative state was being challenged by conditioned ideas, the strongest being that this phenomena I had experienced was random chance and emotion, not to happen again. Seeing the dog was illusion, and the deer, just a deer.

Known reality conditioning persisted, but I also felt markedly different, I was tingling for hours. I’ve experienced meditative phenomena before, but this was new.

Evening came and educated me became convinced it was best I do walking meditation in a completely different direction, so that I wouldn’t have a similar experience, or bother the deer. Less than a quarter mile in (and still tingling)  I look up from my meditative path and there’s a buck looking back at me.

I didn’t speak, I didn’t wave, I didn’t chant. He twitched his ears towards me and flared his nostrils, but otherwise remained still. Maintaining eye contact, he turned to the right and then the left, and calmly walked off the trail.

To someone watching this from a distance, or viewing it on a trail camera, this may have all appeared rather ordinary. I’ve since discovered the extraordinary is often times hidden in the most ordinary of outward occurrences.

I awoke the next day and began in a seated meditation, purposely not walking. I was aware of hesitation and excitement, and my conditioned mind was unsettled.

I could feel a challenge arising. If this was truth you’d have walked in mediation, conjured up a dog and a deer, and thought you were so cool. But you aren’t cool, this isn’t real, and you’ve been wasting a lot of time. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

This was me, talking to me, in my own head, and it was nasty. Prove me wrong played in the background for about 5 hours, until I finally headed off to walk the forest.

What up to this day had grown into peaceful contemplative walking mediation, was now me walking and trying to meditate, while someone criticized me the entire way. I walked. Where’s your deer now? I walked. Dumb ass. I walked. It ain’t gonna happen. I walked. Nothing. I returned back home. Some walking mediation that was. You even asked for a sign, how pathetic.

I stood in my driveway, the tormentous mind battle now over, and oddly feeling a deeply incredible sense of calm. Life was normal (mundane existence) again. Anyways, I had chores to do.

A mind at ease, I turned and… a buck, in the driveway, walking directly towards me. He approached and paused about 8 feet away, holding my gaze. There was no criticism, no celebration, no chatter. There was a deep tonal calm.

That moment opened a doorway on my meditation. My walking mediation has since advanced beyond what I had ever anticipated, and I’ve been able to carry the vibration over to my day activities. It’s a lifetime work in progress.

If I look (project outwards) for things, they may not be seen. If I am receptive, I see (receive via sight) wonders unfold.

We’ve been taught that animals can smell fear. My experience says all emotion (and thought) can be sensed. Anger, greed, lust, hate, disgust, trust, awe, surprise, etc.

I’m working on being a better smelling human.

New Beginnings in Asbury Park New Jersey 2020

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While nearly the rest of the world was watching the Super Bowl, this past weekend I attended the New Beginnings intensive in Spring Lake, NJ. I was seeking the heart of chiropractic and my heart told me where I could find it.

My heart was so filled with fire that I plunged (literally) into the Atlantic Ocean (wearing only my underpants) and the fire didn’t go out. As I sit, this fire continues to burn. The fire will always burn, as this principle is alive within. ADIO.

Greetings Asbury Park

I’m really excited about the May (and October) 2020 New Beginnings Chiropractic events in Asbury Park New Jersey.

I have committed to be there in May and October this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

May 15-17 are the dates (Friday – Sunday) for the next New Beginnings, held at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park.

There’s going to be an excellent lineup of speakers (I LOVE the New Beginnings Speaking Format) and Dr. Gerry Clum will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Thinking about my plunge into the Atlantic, which I did along with fellow chiropractors, I’m reminded that I’ve walked on fire with the same people.

You can get more information and get registered via the New Beginnings website. I’ll see you in New Jersey!

Being Alert to Classified Ad Scams 2020

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The following email was forwarded to me by the Planet Chiropractic office, originating from a chiropractor via email.

URGENT: Multiple scammers!
I’ve had two scam attempts on my Chiropractic Equipment For Sale ads. Richard Walls ([email protected] and also [email protected]) and now Cynthia Fenwick are their email aliases. This is the email they end up sending. Richard sent me a check from a law firm for $4000 more than my asking price. He wanted me to deposit it and then send the extra to the ‘mover’ through Zelle/Paypal.

This scam works by getting the seller (in this case the doctor) to cash the check and then wire the money back to the mover before the check is found to be fraudulent. Wire transfers like Zelle cannot be revoked whereas the cashing of the check can.

Now Cynthia sent me the exact same email. Please alert others who’ve posted.

details lagos nigeria

This is what the scammers send via email. The poor spelling has been left unchanged, this is already a good sign of a scam attempt.

Thanks for the information, i will need your honest and trust to end up this transaction. I will like to know if i can trust you with my money, … please i want you to remove the item from sales list i will get back to you with the tracking # from UPS so that you will know when to expect it.I include the mover funds along with your payment cos they need to pick some valuable item for me in your area. We are New on this site and you are the first person to know from this Site, We are a very good Christian family and GOD Fearing , all we believe in is TRUST and Loyalty .. So when you receive the check get your item fee and the rest goes to the mover guy so that it will be delivered directly to my house and LET ME KNOW IF I CAN trust you with this transaction.
Kindly get the post removed and get back to me asap.

This is by far the most popular classified ads scam I’ve seen on the internet over the past 20 years. They go after every site they can, including this site and craigslist.

When selling, basic common sense rules apply. If it seems to good to be true, it likely is. Chiropractors buying equipment would most likely purchase items using an office check from a business that can be verified. Google maps is helpful here.

When students are purchasing items, hopefully they identify themselves as such. I like to reply to students and get info on where they are attending school, when they expect to graduate, where they plan to practice, etc.

Chiropractors that don’t have an office address, such as someone starting a practice or opening a new location, offer an opportunity for getting more information before payment is received. Ask questions that are chiropractic specific and do not proceed if you feel uncomfortable about the transaction.

Emails from rich uncles and cousins that want to purchase equipment for their family chiropractors are scams, no matter how much we’d like to believe they are real.

I’m sharing this for people that may have been searching to confirm these email addresses. Scammer emails I’d watch out for include: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Thank you to everyone that participates in keeping the classifieds community in order (not just on this site, but worldwide).