Month: September 2013

Chiropractic Seminars for October includes New Beginnings

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

October 2013 is upon us and it’s time for chiropractors to come together for another spectacular chiropractic event before the holidays begin. I’ve attended New Beginnings in Long Branch New Jersey multiple times during the past decade and it’s well worth the trip, even from the West Coast. This year I’ll be in Las Vegas speaking at Pubcon (as I’ve been doing for about seven years now) during the new beginnings weekend, or I’d probably be there myself. The event features nearly all my favorite speakers in chiropractic.

New Beginnings Chiropractic New Jersey
New Beginnings Chiropractic New Jersey Mailer

As I said, New Beginnings features several of my favorites in chiropractic, including Drs. Jim Dubel, Fred Schofield, Jim Sigafoose, Jeanne Ohm, Sharon Gorman, and Liam Schubel (six highlights from the list). Here’s a partial list of speakers you’ll hear from during the four-day event: Mark Schneider, Tedd Koren, Carol Ann Malizia, Cathy Wendland-Colby, David Moore, Kevin Fogarty, Andy Roberts, Steph Maj, Jeff Aita, James Peck, Gary Stewart, Garrett Gunderson, Chuck Ribley, Tim O’Shea, Jeanne Ohm, Jeff Slocum, Rose Panico, Eric Plasker, Gilles Lamarche, Kevin Jackson, Eddie Diaz, Jack Bourla, Liam Schubel, Sharon Gorman, Sam Selimo, Tony DeMarco, Jay Handt, Bob Tarantino, Peter Kevorkian, John Hoffman, Jim Dubel, Sam Ayan, Bob Crystal, Ernie Landi, Fred Schofield, Jim Sigafoose, Dr. Gary DiBenedetto and others.

New Beginnings can be life-changing, especially if you’ve never been before, this is not your ordinary chiropractic seminar (I know I’ve said that many times before). You could take a single person from the list of speakers above, for example Rose Panico, and discuss chiropractic for days on end. The last time I saw Rose we talked for hours, and she taught me about the triune in a chiropractic office (chiropractor – chiropractic assistant – patient), it had a significant effect on my practice.

Go to the chiropractic seminars pages listing for the October 2013 New Beginnings New Jersey for details on registration. The event is at the Long Branch Hotel located at One Ocean Boulevard in Long Branch, NJ 07740. I’d suggest you fly in on Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning to Newark airport (EWR) and rent a car for the weekend (that’s what I usually do coming from California). Make sure you have some money for the toll roads. There’s plenty of parking at the hotel and there’s lots of places to go eat within walking distance.

Don’t forget your Halloween Costume (don’t make bad chiropractor Halloween costume choices) for the event on Saturday night. You can call New Beginnings direct at 732-741-6862 or go to the October 2013 New Beginnings New Jersey seminar page.

I will also be in San Diego this October for the CCA continuing education program taking place at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa in Mission Bay. I believe New Beginnings provides up to 14 hours of continuing education credit for chiropractors but make sure you check to see if hours are covered for your state (if you’re seeking to get continuing education). Personally, I’d recommend chiropractors be in the room at New Beginnings for as much as possible, regardless of hours provided. Have a spectacular October! @ 8:51 pm | Article ID: 1380502295