Month: July 2013

Chiropractic Seminar News From Parker Seminars and Dynamic Essentials

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I mentioned earlier this summer that there’s a bunch of chiropractic events and seminars taking place in August and September for 2013. The Life West Wave takes place this weekend in San Francisco California, Schofield Chiropractic Training is taking place in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday, and Dynamic Essentials is taking place in Atlanta. I received email information from Parker Seminars and from Dynamic Essentials and wanted to share that here.

First information from Parker Seminars

Parker Serves 2013: 9/19/13 and 9/20/13

Take part in Parker Serves 2013! Parker Serves 2013 offers individuals committed to creating a culture of loving service worldwide the opportunity to donate their time or funds in our annual two-day event.

Parker Serves 2013Parker Serves 2013

Join Parker University on September 19 and 20 as we take time to serve our community through volunteering with deserving organizations around the nation. Our mission is to establish one day a year where we turn the focus outward – toward helping our neighbors. We hope to inspire our alumni, friends, and colleagues to do the same, creating a culture of loving service worldwide.

On September 19, 2013, from 7am to midnight, Parker University is participating in Get Up and Give! North Texas Giving Day. On September 19, every donation of $25 and above will be matched if you donate to us through, North Texas’ online resource that connects donors with nonprofit organizations like us. Please visit the site anytime between 7am and midnight, search for Parker University and click “Donate Now.” Your donation will go a long way in helping us create a culture of loving service through education and wellness care. Plus, gifts given that day will receive a portion of $1 million in matching funds – making your dollar go further.

Ready to roll up your sleeves to support the act of loving service? Join us on September 20, 2013 as we take a break from our hectic schedules to volunteer and serve our community. We’re closing up shop on Friday, September 20 – sending our students, faculty, and staff out into our community to do good for others. Our mission is to establish one day a year where we turn the focus outward – toward helping our neighbors. We hope to inspire our alumni, friends, and colleagues to do the same, creating a culture of loving service worldwide.

Here at Parker, loving service is our first technique. Let’s change the world together through a compassion to serve that is greater than our compulsion to survive.

Want more information about the event or ready to commit your support? Parker Serves 2013 Commitment Form

News from Dynamic Essentials

Throughout 2013, meeting attendance has been setting modern-day records as more and more DC’s discover their true purpose at Dynamic Essentials and tell others.

DE Dynamic Essentials
For almost 48 years, we have been continuing Dr. Sid Williams’ DE meetings not only striving to generate successful chiropractic practices, but to also increase the public awareness of our great profession. During this time, as an important part of Dr. Sid’s vision, DC’s as well as their office staff have been directed toward a clearer understanding of their true purpose as chiropractors.

Doctor, do you enjoy going to your office or clinic each day? Is your staff enthusiastic and excited about chiropractic and the patients you care for? Do your colleagues refer patients to you? Would you go to yourself as a chiropractor if you could? Did you know there are two sides to your practice–the business side and the heart side? Is your family proud that you are a chiropractor? Are your financial rewards for the service you render what you feel they should be? Is your head so strong that your heart doesn’t have a chance? Do your patients like you… not because you are “Dr. Goody Two Shoes” but because they feel good just being around you and they know they can count on you as their doctor because they have witnessed your capabilities as a chiropractor? As we move further into the 21st century, will you be classified as a first-string player in the profession of chiropractic, one who will make a difference in the world in which we live? We at DE would like to challenge you to join with us to make the world in which we live better because of us and our marvelous profession–chiropractic.

Remember our next DE August 1-4 at Atlanta’s Embassy Suites at Centennial Olympia Park Hotel is less than a month away. Phone Melba today at 770-438-9949 and register yourself as well as your staff as they too need to embrace your true purpose as a chiropractic professional.

“Set personal, family, professional, financial, and spiritual goals.” – Dr. Sid E. Williams @ 1:04 pm | Article ID: 1375203846